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Casinogrounds 2nd Anniversary - MYTHBUSTING THE SLOTS! - 16.04.2018


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Hi all!

We will put the slot myths and theories to the test again! 

We will be actively testing posted myths during whole Monday and all of the streamers will be testing them :D 

Best confirmed myths will get a prize*, so post your favorite theory or myth in this thread!



"If you do 10 quickspins on Steam Tower, you are guaranteed to get a bonus"



Please note that each submission will be given a maximum of 100 spins or a certain amount set by a Casinogrounds streamer.

*Terms and conditions:
- Awarded prize will be either Extra spins or Bonus money.
- Winners will be announced in the Casinogrounds 2nd Anniversary thread
- These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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@Skylined87  play captain venture in this way,                     10 spins at 0.50 stake.                 10 spins at 1.00 stake.                 10 spins at 1.50 stake.                  10 spins at 2.00 stake.                10 spins at 2.50 stake.                 10 spins at 3.00 stake.                  10 spins at 3.50 stake.                10 spins at 4.00 stake.                 10 spins at 4.50 stake.                  10 spins at 5.00 stake                                             

theory is fun and tension. The later you get the bonus the better it is.. Adds to the fun, tension,  (100 spins only)

Enjoy!. Craig smith.?.

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Myth Book of Dead.

It is my experience that Book of Dead has a periode of 60 minutes for every real clock hour. That should be understand as an ex. between 9.00 and 10.00 which is 60 minutes. Between 9.00 to 9.29 is not likely to hit the three books and between 9.30 and 9.50 it is more likely to hit the three books. If it is going to be a great win or not, well that is random.

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When playing secret of the stones, you always have to pick the date. So when you play this today (14/04/2018), you have to pick stone number 14, number 4 and number 18, counted from left to right top row, left to right middle row, left to right bottemrow - a wild reel is always in there.

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You will get the bonus, if you do the following in Duids of The Stones:

5 stop-spins, 10 normal spins, 3 stop-spins.


Aztec Idols : stop spin 10 times, make your bet 1 notch higher, play 10 normal spins, you get one of the bonuses.


Greets M80DK

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