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  1. Wow, I thought it was only logical possible to hit a Royal Flush. Congrats.
  2. I would be great to show that Casino Banned list, and yes I also stay away from those casinos.
  3. I will do that. Sometimes the problem is that, I dont know who the sender is. But, yes lets fight those bastards together.
  4. I still get those Spam SMS. Sometimes 5 to 10 a day.
  5. I vote Jamin Jars. It is new, well made, volatile and sumptuous addictive. You better watch out
  6. Yes, do that. I guess it has been an inspiration to the Oceans Eleven and maybe also RocknRolla and the Snatch, but this is the classic.
  7. What is your favourite movie about gambling, I only have a few and I may need some other good movies. Mine favourites are: 1. The Sting, classic movie about hustlers making the big hustle. It is a must see if you havent seen it yet. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070735/?ref_=nv_sr_1 2. Rounders. It is almost also a classic. Hit rock bottom and how to get up after that, if you like poker and see people living on the edge it is also a must see. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0128442/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  8. Yes, responsible gaming is a very important one to add to the list. I always set a daily max on my deposit at every casino I play at or else the max can be equal to the max on your bank account.
  9. Ah, yes - as I understand it, the marked in UK is pretty liberated, right? In Denmark you can not inter a casino that does not have a danish licens, the sites are either band or you can not register at the casino. Yes, a proper license is very important, as a player you might not have rights against a casino if they do monkey business. I did pay my lessons and money to learn that.
  10. I always choose my casinos after these simple rules. 1. how are there cashout politics, do they have pending time and do they have a monthly limit on cashouts? Are there kind of funny business regarding this I stay away. 2. Can you read the rules and terms without been a lawyer, and is it more than two pages. Again, I do not want any monkey business and I want to be absolute clear what I can and what I can not on the casino. If it is not clear I stay away. 3. What is the RTP on the site, does Play´n Go and other slots has a lower RTP than I otherwise see around, if they do - once again I stay away. 4. Does other have experience with the casino, is good or bad.
  11. One idea could be to make a slotmachine competition for a fixed fun money value, it could be 1000. All have to play on the same slotmachine and will have a fixed amount of minutes, that could be 5 to 15 minutes. The winners 1 to 10 could win freespins or something else. The entry price for this competition could be, at least wager for 200 kr or 30 euros.
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