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  1. hey guys, Today i played on jacks casino (netherlands) and i managed to hit a superbonus on das xboot! it was a huge sweat since i feared to miss the torpedo, but on the last spin it hit it, and huge! enjoy! (in the netherlands we are not allowed to buy bonuses so this is a basegame spinned super bonus)
  2. hi guys! i didn't post anything last years / months since most of the wins are kinda the same but this one i do have to share since i think its rare and might be a first bigwin in the basegame nolimit counts it as 1082x the bet but i did use the bonus bet option so its 541x my bet. enjoy. https://replay.nolimitcity.com/show/nuhonawayodu?device=desktop&language=nl
  3. even better, played with the 3.6k till 3k (was the idea) and did some high bets on bonanza, got 17 spins making it ~6.6k balance after the bonus (and i almost hit 21k hit) here the screen:
  4. After a really long try and multiple bonuses i finally managed to land a hot streak on this game! In totall i played 3 bonuses, the first 2 bonuses payed ~200x so before this bonus i already banked €120,60 third times the charm making it €2500 on top, enjoy.
  5. ye i have to say i do think reactoonz might got a bit nerved since i still play it, but in like the last 20 garga's a 100x was the highest one, most of m were 50 / 60x and 2 of m even 40x. basegame didnt pay aswell so i have no idea what happened whatsoever xd
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