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  1. Anyone else having issues with these 2 casino's? On DrueckGlueck I signed up, verified my ID and can't deposit or access any parts of the cashier. Even when I try to send an email to support it just redirects me to the upload documents section which has no requested documents for me to upload. Similar situation on Ahti Games, except they are taking exceptionally long times to verify documents. On both sites there is very little access to proper support (email/chat), and the AI Chatbot never has an answer to either question I have nor gives me someone I can actually talk to.
  2. They paid me out and then told me that after reviewing all documentation they are ending their relationship with me. 🤣 Gotta say. I am happy at both outcomes. Word of warning for anyone else considering playing here, or at any SuprNations casino brand (NySpins and Duelz). DON'T
  3. Not only are they intrusive, some of the documents they request are pointless and stupid. For example, I sent voodoo dreams my invoices for work carried out, to marry up with the bank statement showing the income. These were word documents that I of course write my invoices in. They came back saying they can't accept these because they are not in PDF format and can be manipulated and changed. 😅. I of course just converted them to PDFs...... Really, if I am some kind of Money Laundering extraordinaire (even though I am quite the opposite), do they really think I would go to all this trouble for a measley 1k withdrawal? Or even to play on their casino which I have clearly lost more than I have gained over time. Not to mention all the other documents I've sent them already. They have my passport, bank account, work contract, utility bills, invoices, statements, tax return, address, emails, professional travel document (required to travel during lockdown, and showing my professional capacity to do so)...and likely much more documents that I have forgot about. Now this morning, requesting more documents. Bank statements for last 3 months (pretty sure I sent these with initial KYC verification anyway. Also looking for the work contract sent again with my signature also. (I just sent the one emailed to me for handiness originally, but had the original completely signed contract here anyway, so just scanned it and sent) So keep you all updated on their next move to try and steal £1000. My guess is they will try to say I can't afford to gamble so they are closing my account and they will try to say that I lose all balances within the account. Which we all know is completely false. The only reason they would have to withold all current balances would be due to an Anti-Money Laundering /Fraud investigation. Although, what they could also do is interrogate any other payments incoming to my account and further delay the withdrawal. Under the guise of an Affordability check???.....
  4. It gets worse. They are asking me to hire an accountant to provide proof of why my work payments are irregular into my bank. Bearing in mind I am self employed and do sub-contracted work, of course my payments are irregular, they come from a 3rd party. Not to mention I have already provided them with my work contract, tax return, bank statement showing work income, proof that they marry up with remittance advices, proof that I do what I do (professional letter). It is getting to the point to take this up with both the MGA and UK Gambling commission on over the top SOW ("Affordability") requests. @SlotspinnerAnything you can do to get this looked into further or at least get a rep on here to look into this?
  5. I'm not worried about avoiding SOW. It is well within my budget. Not to mention I have been playing at the casino for 2 years, depositing 3-5 times per week on most occasions. So that begs the question, why did it take so long for them to SOW my account? If that is indeed what is happening. My main concern is the lack of correspondence from the casino itself, the fact that not once in 2 weeks have they said anything, not even a courtesy email to mention a delay or concern with some documents. It is typical delay tactics, and even more, it is a typical way for a casino to try and wiggle there way out from paying a customer. If they think I am just going to up and forget about it and leave them alone they are sadly mistaken. In fact, should the need arise, I can quite simply knock on their office door in Sliema to sort it personally, considering I work in Malta every month or two. But the big kicker is......they said themselves it was an affordability check, so how has it come to delaying a withdrawal? An affordability check would enable them to consider account closure or enforcement of limits. In which case, the pending withdrawal would still be coming my way regardless of what happens. I suggest to them to contact me swiftly, before I start to take further action on the matter.
  6. I have had a withdrawal awaiting approval for 4 days now on voodoodreams casino. Previously withdrawals have been same day and instant to my bank. In January I got an email from their dutyofcare team asking for documentation as an affordability check, thus I sent proof of my work payments going into my bank and my work contract (as self employed). They replied asking for further documentation in relation to this, which due to the nature of my work in AML I am reluctant to give too much detail. I did however explain the situation (25th January 2022). Since this date I have not heard anything back. I continued to play on the site as usual. Have made roughly £250 in deposits total. £50 on 5 seperate occassions. I have a good run and withdraw £1000 on 11/02/2022. After 2 days I get concerned that this is not being processed so I message the customer service. I start to get told to provide the same documents I was asked for in January (the email they never responded to in over 2 weeks). So I explain and show to the CC Team my response, she said they are still reviewing. Another 2 days, again on with CC Team, explaining to him that they have had my response since January, and also explaining that this was an affordability check, not a SOW/AML Investigation, kind of Ironic if you think, considering my job. Again, told to contact (again), the duty of care team. I don't get this regulation, if it even is one. Why would an affordability check have an effect on my ability to withdraw. Surely if it does, then my ability to deposit should also be stopped, during the time of this review. I am actually shocked at Voodoodreams doing this. This is the first time in my life I have been subject to such delay tactics. Even contacted the Voodoodreams rep on here to establish the problem, with no response. Can anyone explain to me the reasoning behind all this delaying? Surely it looks to me more like a SOW/AML check than an affordability check. And surely, it goes against regulations to allow me to deposit whilst they are reviewing my account in such a way that eliminates my ability to withdraw.
  7. I've just been on with pokerstars again and they are sending me back over to your technical team to resolve the lost game round 😅 They can't locate it because I was never able to complete it, and with the fix, the game round has probably dissapeared altogether. I imagine that due to the UK legislation on bonus buys, that it would be impossible to ever resolve the game round without being able to choose and stick with the original bonus again. Don't know how this is going to get resolved.
  8. Any more news? I see pokerstars have removed the game but still no win from the game round.
  9. No problem, and if you need info of when the game round should be showing in my history I can provide the last spin before landing the errored bonus. Actually checking the history again it was the very next spin I landed another lux bonus as there's a 30 minute gap between the 15.70 bonus and my next 20p spin, I was contacting support and deleting cache during this time. So the spin you see total paid 15.70 was my first normal lux bonus, and directly after should be the one I paid for the super lux one. Maybe this will help your technical team locate the incomplete game round. Hand #72116913743: Loki Lord of Mischief - 2021/09/23 22:34:32 WET [2021/09/23 17:34:32 ET] Total Bet: £0.20 Total Paid: £15.70 Additional Game Details Hand #72116910691: Loki Lord of Mischief - 2021/09/23 22:33:15 WET [2021/09/23 17:33:15 ET] Total Bet: £0.20 Total Paid: £0.00 Additional Game Details Hand #72116907673: Loki Lord of Mischief - 2021/09/23 22:33:12 WET [2021/09/23 17:33:12 ET] Total Bet: £0.20 Total Paid: £0.00 Additional Game Details Hand #72116904072: Loki Lord of Mischief - 2021/09/23 22:33:08 WET [2021/09/23 17:33:08 ET]
  10. Quick question about this slot and an issue currently ongoing with this. I got the Lux reels feature first time and didn't buy the upgrade. 2 spins later I landed the lux reels feature again and pressed to upgrade for the £13 or so it said. Once I clicked this an error occurred and the game requested me to contact support. Now, as I am in UK jurisdiction, I am suspecting the error occurred because bonus buys aren't allowed here (although it did offer me it). 36 hours later and I still haven't received the win from this game round, nor does the game round show in my casino history. Can anyone shed light on what has happened here and when I could expect it to be resolved. Pokerstars told me to allow 24 hours for the provider to unlock the round. All other avenues have been tried (cache clearance, refresh game, etc).
  11. Leo might get a slap on the wrist for it, but in regards to getting your money back...nil chance. Temptation and force are different things, when you are presented with the choice it is your responsibility.
  12. Have been watching casinogrounds streamers since the beginning of casinogrounds itself and been hoping one day to enjoy the thrill of gambling with them personally. It's took quite a while but finally (thanks to working in Malta for the week) I have managed to get to meet Slotspinner. What an honor. We might have lost buddy, but thanks for making my week of work and loss feel a little better by getting the chance to meet someone I have watched for so long on a computer screen. We'll get the casino back next time and beers will be on me. 😀
  13. I would be the opposite and suggest medium volatility slots but low stakes. Pink elephants 1/2, Book of Dead, etc. Low volatility is a slow drainer, and you can't expect any large boosts to your balance. High volatility can take it all very quick without any bonuses and the base game hits are small and usually less than your stake. With medium volatility you get best of both worlds. Wins that can increase your balance large but also less risk of losing it all with no bonus and small base game hits.
  14. I think these glitches actually cost Evolution gaming money. I mean a 4x coin flip and 7x pachinko, hardly big bucks deluxe. More solid proof needed for your scam calls. Prove it happens regularly then maybe I'll believe.
  15. Yeah, it looks like they are direct. Although I wouldn't look too much into it. Sponsorship deal for the amount of hits his website gets and having the casino banner on his reccomended list probably. It's basically getting paid for doing a job, no matter what way he gets the paid. Anyway, I'm not sure why I am even in here, I don't watch chip myself. Just don't like to see people wrongly accused I guess, better to share all the facts and get it right before shitting on someones livelihood.
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