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  1. X-bet: 195x Casino: Wheelz Feedback: Fun game, tried a couple of buys and some spins. Feels similar to some other push gaming slots, but at the same time some new mechanics also. Also a nice touch with the jackpot wins as well. Will probably play from time to time. Overall 7/10.
  2. Xbet: 87x Casino: Velobet Replay: https://global.cdn4cloud.net/s0dlNiEhTj Feedback: Pragmatic is not one of my go to providers, but they have some games I like. I think theese new "1000 slots" is great since there is more potential in theese slots than the regular 5000x win caps! Basegame can be rough in this slot, would be great if you could land multipliers in the basegame as well and more fun gameplay. Will probably give this a go every now and then!
  3. Immortal Romance 2 Xbet: 59x Casino: Spinz Feedback: Tried this game several times now but is not still impressed, this is my highest x-win so far on several buys & many 100s of spins on several casinos. Also a bit annoyed by the many bonuses teases. Overall rating is still 3/10.
  4. Xbet: 44x Casino: Caxino Feedback: Immortal Romance 1 was one of my favorite games back in the days so when I saw this I was a bit excited. But after playing it I am not so excited anymore, many teases and wins paying less than you think etc have dissapointed me. Have had 4 bonuses this one is the first to pay over 30x. Will probably not play this game much 3/10.
  5. Bought some random bonuses on this slot, did not expect max win from the 3 scatter bonus! 😅😁 https://fan.nolimitcity.com/replay/ukibamuzusagisopubaradamupurututoinasehetesesupihouseko?device=desktop&language=fi
  6. Entry for random prize draw Casino: Spinz X-Win: 310,5x Game: Zeus vs Hades: Gods of War Replay: https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/PmKP1OPd0D Feedback: One of the few pragmatic slots I play from time to time. The thing I both love and hate with this game is that you either win big or go broke fast. The times I do play this is often with my last money of a bullet to possibly save the balance. I like both the graphics and sounds of the slot, it does not feel "as pragmatic" as many of their games do. Overall 7.5/10 for this game!
  7. Got two bangers on the same day! 💥 D-Day (Random buy): https://fan.nolimitcity.com/replay/ukibamuzusagisopubaradamupurutudineyapetabehuerirobizago?device=desktop&language=fi Retro Sweets (Super bonus buy): https://player.eu.regulated.pushgaming.com/hive/b2c/game/retrosweets-03/client/?replay=11244-0101-5259060&signature=KQM8fo3wWDrHVMRJTCaiD5%2BeBTNA0LE7O0WxCvC9ijtJ9PStXqiBsyRXReui7Nl41jnpeWGooh72CahaA3hZBH45a6Gq2qtpR73DQb6lz7YToDXLMzS72lgTKQ%2B5WHXFTuad66yrdlZVQA%2F8t79xHT6QyZdvsfmSkaZ%2FErUglmNdmlxggsYO8EPZ%2Bk0pLwWY4Jbxq6CBI3OC%2BjuwgQ1Hxf8Iu1UoqScY1NzCIfvw1xvctjijcRgnX%2FO6b9fWE4jm%2FPgtE7nHWydQoxLcb71tQd5pJjAYhhX%2Bd8PdMQJmNmGW2AK0PHWCBVcCCp2QXYUbFKAHSg14pnR53Fo4X%2FgTSA%3D%3D&timestamp=1714678613174&lang=fi_FI
  8. X-win: 10000x Casino: Spinz Replay: https://player.eu.regulated.pushgaming.com/hive/b2c/game/retrosweets-03/client/?replay=11244-0101-5259060&signature=KQM8fo3wWDrHVMRJTCaiD5%2BeBTNA0LE7O0WxCvC9ijtJ9PStXqiBsyRXReui7Nl41jnpeWGooh72CahaA3hZBH45a6Gq2qtpR73DQb6lz7YToDXLMzS72lgTKQ%2B5WHXFTuad66yrdlZVQA%2F8t79xHT6QyZdvsfmSkaZ%2FErUglmNdmlxggsYO8EPZ%2Bk0pLwWY4Jbxq6CBI3OC%2BjuwgQ1Hxf8Iu1UoqScY1NzCIfvw1xvctjijcRgnX%2FO6b9fWE4jm%2FPgtE7nHWydQoxLcb71tQd5pJjAYhhX%2Bd8PdMQJmNmGW2AK0PHWCBVcCCp2QXYUbFKAHSg14pnR53Fo4X%2FgTSA%3D%3D&timestamp=1714678613174&lang=fi_FI Feedback: Can not say it is so much different from retro tapes to be honest, except for the push bets! Superbonus buy is exactly as tilting as in retro tapes (but now you can also turbo spin it 🤐). Was many bonuses in when I landed this and most of them was total rip offs. Grateful for the maxwin but not so much new to see in this game so probably will not play it so much further on. Overall rating 6/10.
  9. X-Win: 65x Casino: Spinz Feedback: Immortal Romance 65x played at Spinz. A Classic slot, played this alot when i started playing slots online! Loved this game, but have not played it in a long time, so was nice to play it again, 10/10!
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