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Game providers joining a stream, ask your questions!


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Hola everyone,

If you've watched the stream recently you know I'll be going to ICE (gaming conference) in London next week. Since I love to know as much as possible about slot machines, we are going to do a live stream from ICE to which we have invited Game Providers that will give us some insights about their games and the thought process while creating them.

The stream will start on Thursday 8/2 at 15:00 CET and representatives from game providers will join in and sit next to me replying whatever questions you and I might have :D 

From today until Thursday, if you have any questions about slots that you'd like to have asked to either game provider (or in general), please post them in this thread. 

Providers joining are:

Play n' Go
Big Time Gaming

For those interested I'll also grab some merchandise for the best questions posted in this thread :) 

Post your questions below but please keep it clean!

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One for Netent:

It is my understanding that quite a lot of your staff have left and it is showing in the quality of slots that are being produced. Are you ever going to create cult classics such as Dead or Alive or are we stuck with slots that give dead spin after dead spin with no potential?

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excellent @LetsGiveItASpin

1. I'd like to know (explained) how all the game rounds are created (like, are they randomly created based on win in X-times the money, or just random or special designed), and specially how the bonus are played. Example in bonanza or gonzo's what symbols to fall next etc. Especially after beeing trolled by all my diamonds in the bonus, i refuse to belive that was a random one :P So, some facts about how they are played out would be nice. (and a follow up WHY, just WHY create almost HUGE hits in bonuses when we will get super sad and just hate the slot hehe)

Special question to BTG: IS THIS ROUND MANUALLY CREATED OR NOT: https://imgur.com/a/rppeN

2. Bonus where you can choose feature, will the win be the same or do the choice play different RTP. Like in beauty and the beast based upon what feature you choose first, will you get re-trigger if you choose nudge first, then synced reels, or if you choose the synced reels before nudge, would you still get the retrigger?

3. When using the gambling feature in play'n go, are those predetermined or how is that played out?

If i actually get a valid answer on these i'd be happy. And @LetsGiveItASpin dont take "no" for an answer, we demand answers :D And please bring a printed image of my trolled bonus :D

For merchandise i'd like a shirt "i almost had a bonus in Bonanza" :P

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Mostly to Play n' Go, and to a certain degree Netent (although they seem to scale down line-choosing, to my dismay): Does playing less than max lines on a game in any way change the RTP? In theory playing 1 line shouldn't make any difference (except skyrocketing the volatility), and I haven't had any traumatic long-time experience to indicate otherwise, but would be nice to get it confirmed. Also, on the same subject: Netent, why on earth would you take away the ability to play less lines on SoTS? 1-line SoTS used to be one of my favorites, and now the game is useless in my eyes. :(  Cheers. 

... And BTG: I find the interface on BTG slots to be a bit clunky. I think this has to do with buttons not reacting when mousing over them (which it does on all (?) other providers), and not changing when a spin is in progress. This leads to having to do a lot of unnecessary clicking when trying to spin effectively. It could be that this is only me, but for me it adds an unattractive quality to an otherwise attractive provider. Have BTG considered doing changes to their standard interface?  

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Another one for BTG.

Unlike other slot providers you appear to be almost misleading players with "unlimited multipliers" and "infinity spins". You don't have the Amber feature on Immortal Romance popping up advertising "infinity spins" when theoretically it could retrigger indefinitely too. You know from testing your software there is no unlimited or infinity so why advertise it as such?

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One for PlayNGo:

Thank you for updating Book of Dead from Flash to HTML5. But I noticed that you have sped the speed of the spins up with no option to make them slower though you have conveniently giving us the option to spin even faster. Just another way for us to lose money quicker isn't it?

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Net Ent: Does it cost a lot to get a licence for slots like Plannet of the Apes?

Net Ent: Why was reducing lines in slots like dead or alive or secret of the stones removed? Because of the HTML change?

BTG: Why was the recent Temple Quest Spinfinity slot not as volatile as Bonanza or Danger? Don't you agree these slots are more popular because of the high volatility?

BTG: White rabbit has a buy feature, are you guys happy this was added to the slot? If so, will there be future buy feature slots from yourselves?

All providers: Are some of your features in a slot like a bonus round predetermined? 

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Q to Play´n Go - how can I trust your games when I can see a huge difference in RTP at the same slots, what guarantee do I have as a player that the RTP is actual what is written. Other providers mostly have the same RTP on a specific slot, that is the only version out there, what should I think about Play´n Go?

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  1. Question to all providers:

Are there any Slots in the planning stage that will be revolutionary to the industry with something that has never been seen before? (Much like White Rabbit and the bonus buy)

       2. Questions to providers with no Jackpot slots:

Does your company have any plans to introduce large Jackpot slots?




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Yeh i've got one for Netent, why are your games such an utter rigged joke, how is it possible to go 2100 spins on Dead or Alive without a bonus, also how is it possible to go 1500 bonuses without a win over 200x, never mind a wildline, do you have software which records players rtp's on games and then manipulates gameplay to lower their return in future gameplay. 

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13 hours ago, ShawsSlots said:


When will you make "good" high paying volatile slots again like

dead or alive, drive, creature from the black lagoon, jack and the beanstalk etc?

all 3 of which never pay anyways, especially creature, netent are a joke

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Big time gaming:
1. 3 or more retriggers in Danger High Voltage's gates of hell feature 1200 X
2. Get 3*6x multipliers in Danger High Voltage 482 X
3. 22 or more freespins in Bonanza 888 x
4. Get 4 or more Queen Reels in White Rabbit  1500 X

Play n’ go:
5. 15 or more of the best symbol with 2x multiplier  158 X
6. Full screen of a premium symbol in Book of Dead/Book of Ra (Symbols higher than aces) 750 X
7. Full line of Explorers in Book of Dead/Book of Ra 2200 X
8. Go all the way in Justin Beaver bonus in Hugo 2 with no lives lost 493 X
9. Get 15x multiplier in Viking Runecraft 1250 X

10. Win the Jackpot on Mega joker 1250 X
11. Wild line in Dead or Alive 222 X
12. Get tripple star in Starburst  189 X
13. Get double Wild Reels in Secret of the Stones/Secrets of Christmas 400 X
14. Kill the monster in Creature from the Black Lagoon 678 X

15. Go all the way with Pitayas in Fruit Warp 460 X
16. Get to the top level in Flame Busters 412 X
17. Get 6 scatters in Pink Elephants 2641 X

Other providers:
18. Wild line in Cazino Zeppelin 1290 X
19. Get Ragnarok in Vikings go Berzerk 750 X
20. Catch a 1000x + robber in Reel Heist 1450 X
21. 5 scatters in any Novomatic machine
22. 4 or more wild reels in immortal romance 1326 X
23. Get hot/cold - mode in Terminator 2 or Happy holidays  
24. Best one: Beat Reggies win in 300 shields  (currently 2415.28x) 2587 X
25. Win over 1000x in any machine 1250 X
26. Win over 2000x in any machine 2787 X
27. Win over 5000x in any machine (yeah right) 3001 X
28. Reach a balance of over €10,000 (SEK 100,000) (In this case you guess for the biggest x win in that session 924 X

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