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  1. Typical Casumo bullshite. Happy to let you deposit your money, despite having an outstand CCJ, but then refuse to pay the winnings that, ironically, could clear most if not all of the debt.
  2. On one hand you're saying a 100x bonus buy is the same as doing 100 spins and on the other hand you'r saying how difficult it is to get the super bonus on San Quentin. And that is exactly the point. If I were to trigger that super bonus on San Quention naturally (more chance of winning the lottery probably) and it goes for 10,000x the stake, that is something proud to be shown off. A super buy bonus on San Quention and then winning the same amount is not the same.
  3. About time too..... the cancer of the casino section will hopefully finally be removed. Who knows, we may even go back to the days where £2 spins was considered high rolling!
  4. Without entering into a debate whether you did or didn't supply fraudulent documents, they should at least, in my opinion, refund you the deposit that you made
  5. It is bad enough having to play a low RTP slot but having to hunt for the RTP information is not helping the players. RTP should be clearly shown on the games loading screen so that the player can immediately close the slot down if it is not to their liking. No more hunting within the various option screens where the RTP is shown.
  6. Good to see some low stake wins - well done
  7. You must have more money than sense ploughing in 500k worth of money to spunk away. As for "only down 100k", really? This type of streamer has totally ruined the Twitch casino / slot section that once upon a time was a place where real gamblers were having a wager just as any other punter would.
  8. Well I do care because they take viewers away from the genuine streamers with their ridiculous stream titles.
  9. So was an announcement to all of their players made regarding this, or was it done undercover in the hope that nobody would notice?
  10. Not the first time with this group delaying payment. I experienced the same last year and posted about it here. Pure and simple stalling tactics. @Skylined87 @LetsGiveItASpin@Nick As responsible affiliates, why are you still promoting this group despite of the numerous complaints and giving it a 4 star rating with "Superfast withdrawals" next to it?
  11. I agree with part of this statement. All those years ago, high rolling was £2 a spin! Then it went all wrong with outdoing each other with silly giveaways (it used to be free spins, remember those days), increasing the stakes where if you stream at £1 a spin you don't get any viewers, and now you don't know who is and who isn't playing with real money.
  12. Nothing personal against Alvin, but maybe he can explain this. You are taking offence by the comments made against you (even threatening legal action) yet it was you some time ago that made a video accusing others playing with fake money and having to prove they are not by showing deposits and withdrawals? Wasn't it Rocknrolla too that made such video? What's good for the goose and all that good stuff......
  13. But if that is the case, then be open and honest about it when challenged else you possibly going to find yourself in "Rosh" fake money streaming territory. It has always been the unwritten rule in the Twitch casino section that you are expected to play with your own money, not money given by the casino when there is absolutely no risk attached to it. Put it this way.... if he gets sponsored his deposit for each video created, then there will be a restriction on the amount he can cash out as it otherwise is not going to be financially sustainable for the casino. That makes those "big" wins plus the fake reactions rather not so big and exciting then if you can't cash all of it out.
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