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  1. Hey everyone, does anyone have a clue about issues having with relax gaming, none of the games working on skol, slotplanet or playgrand, this only happened recently, laptop or phone, I've cleared all cookies and cache, tried chrome Firefox and edge, just black screen with timer running, really no clue, it loaded up briefly on my Xbox one if that helps, all other providers working as normal, sorry for the book of a message lol can't use money cart 2 now to complete wagering at 98 percent rtp lol 😞
  2. Hey folks, have relax gaming pulled out of the UK, money cart and the other games just have black screen but the game timer is still running, only been happening the past few days, thanks 🙂
  3. I'm glad your keeping up the fight mate, they sure ain't getting you to roll over, good lad, only a matter of time until you get your winnings and hopefully plenty of compensation for the total stress all this time, thanks for the update 🙂 This looks so bad on their part, shower of bastards
  4. I've no idea about that casino, good luck and hopefully get your winnings.
  5. Yeah I think I heard the bandit talking about that the other week
  6. Il likely never see a board like that ever again lol Biggest win before was 1000x on Monte lol il just get the doa2 111k X next time on a quid 😉
  7. Unbelievable, playing with funds from free spins that has max cashout of 100 quid lol first time ever playing money cart
  8. Not a response a gambler wants to hear lol Nearly worse than saying you win some you loose some 😜
  9. Def a different game from all others, congrats on your win 😉
  10. Well she's put Monte on 90p and got bonus with a 10x balance over 300 so let's try and beat that wagering
  11. @LetsGiveItASpin - Casino Streamer hey kimbo, Judith was playing on 21 and had just over 100 pounds cash balance, she was doing ten and twenty pence spins and went to set reactoonz to 100 spins and bet 100 by mistake, contacted live chat as they could see the mistake, I take it she is doomed
  12. Who is this imposter 😉
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