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WORST SLOTS in 2023 - let's hear your answers

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51 minutes ago, High Voltage said:

This is what is going to get the whole casino and gaming providers sector into hot water.

To the best of my knowledge NoLimitCity also chose to drop it in responsible gambling week.  A 1400x one spin bonus buy, was a terrible idea.  WTF were they thinking.


925God Mode.jpg

Agreed. That type of bonus buys should never be allowed. It`s a horrible idea.

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On 04/09/2023 at 19:29, TimoSchellekens said:

cant pick one, just think all Slotmill slots are lacklustre and boring to watch, especially when your favorite streamers gets paid to pay the slot over and over again for a commission/kickback

You sound like a fellow Dutchie going by username: where did you test these slots? Or are you basing it on what you have seen on stream etc?

I personally dislike the extra bet function (yet use it 99% of the times because i fell i'll get stiffed if i don't) on almost any provider, and also hate to have to unlock full potential on slots by gambling for better bonuses, with the risk of losing anything. I don't really know how i feel about the latest bonus-buy option from no limit in 9 to 5 -deffo very degen and prolly not too good for responsible gambling :D

I play all of the above mentioned shit functions/mechanics all the time though..just can't stop abusing myself it seems 😛

It's like the eternal challenge! Never retreat, never surrender....


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