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  1. Tonight I visited Glory 91 in Paris, France. The early fights were disappointing (injury stoppages) but co- main event and main event delivered with a beautiful KO by Bahram Golden Wolf and a 3 KD dominant win by Chico Kwasi over Endy Semeleer. (Luckily) Live betting did not work tonight. Some video highlights: PXL_20240427_185435880.TS.mp4 PXL_20240427_191939490.TS.mp4
  2. Just a base game hit on Tombstone no Mercy. I played the 5x enhancer, spin cost EUR 2 http://fan.nolimitcity.com/replay/ukibamuzusagisopubaradamupurutudohanidireegediheozugagu
  3. Today at noon a slot tourney ended at Jack's. I won two tickets for the Formula 1 Netherlands grand prix.
  4. handsomebanditYT4800x.mp4 On Comeon casino I played the Handsome Bandit for the weekly tournament, best bonus in video above. Going to be three in a row for the weekly tournament that sometime has EUR 1200, sometimes EUR 1000 for first prize.
  5. Thanks, Upcoming changes: KYC procedures, deposit and loss limits are choking play of highrollers and volume players. Very bad. 711: when bonuses are involved, I play +EV . When no bonuses are involved, I might play break-even thanks to the 0,5% loyalty kickback. Update from early March: about breaking even now after being in the hole for EUR 15-20K. Losses include a couple of bad runs (5K each) at sportsbetting, especially soccer and NBA. Also two Toto highroller tourneys on ELK slots for -3,5K and -4K . Scoring points for getting special symbols and getting the bonus. Couldn't reach top 10 (by miles!) although I played a lot. Last notable big loss: one of the Betcity Royal tourneys was a roulette tourney. Score based on highest multiplier for a single spin on regular roulette tables, so there were 50 entries with a score of 36. The kicker: amount of euros wagered was the tiebreaker. At 80K wagered there was a clear top 3. I suspected the other two players of colluding and kept on playing with one of them for first place (5K) . Ultimately had to concede for second place (2,5K) because of deposit and loss limits. Result on table games on Betcity last month: Still I received about EUR 1500 in kickbacks for playing much. (kickbacks for losses are illegal) On to the good stuff: IIRC I have only played 10 slot tourneys. Three first places and the rest top 5. At Unibet I found a free to play Soccer prediction game: for 1 match you get to predict the first goal scorer and correct minute. Winners share a prize pool of 5K. Easy game: Yesterday I only bet on a single soccer match and some specials. The match was PSV vs Vitesse, #1 vs #17. Home game for the next season champions vs one of the teams that are going to be relegated on a sunny Saturday Afternoon. Easy to predict and overall more than +5K on this match. All handicap bets: And some other bets Coming up: for the final day of Golf Augusta Master my Scotty Scheffler bet is looking good: After this weekend, NBA and NHL playoffs.
  6. Turned out to be good for first place EUR 1200
  7. On 711 I spotted Fire in the Hole 2 by Nolimit City. Good sequel with high bonus frequency thanks to x-bet feature. Pleased with this hit. http://fan.nolimitcity.com/replay/ukibamuzusagisopubaradamupurutubugohenuasibonenakosogahe
  8. The NL tourneys are ridiculously soft for me. These come down to 3 things: logistics (having ample time, money, computers, getting spins in etc.) basic game theory (setting high scores early or sneak past competition) and being a bit smarter than the competition (choice of slots, knowing some tricks to manipulate scores) I win good amounts of money in these, but lose some of it back in other gambling. While wagering comeon tourneyEUR 1200 prize money (1x turnover required) in the next tourney, I had this nice little base game hit on Zeus vs Hades: https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/sQ08XVstxS
  9. ^^ grossed EUR 8500 on Chiefs Superbowl win. Some slot tourneys. Won this one for EUR 500 , highest multiplier for single spin: Va This 711 tourney is a wagering tourney for Games Global games. Ends tonight. Each of top 20 gets EUR 1K prize money. Valentines tourney on Comeon.nl runs until Tuesday night. First place wins EUR 1200.
  10. Time flies. January update, notable events: I won the Livescorebet live tennis leaderboard for EUR 2K in freebets. Also had some good results on reload bonuses on Jack's and 711. (about +4K) No real big hits on slots or sports, total result about +10K EURO for the month. February: Toto Highroller (well, not really this time) tourney is running now. Unfortunately I missed out on the first day of the tourney wich left me with only very slim chances to win it. I received another warning by the Toto detection system for playing too much. A couple of those trigger interventions. So I am settling for second place, 4K consolation prize. . Coming up next Sunday is NFL Superbowl LV111 Chiefs vs 49ers. I am guaranteed 6K (49-ers) or 7,5K (Chiefs) on freebets and regular future bets.
  11. I played Pixies vs Pirates on casino777.nl The graphics are colourful and the game runs smoothly as any NLC game, but the music does not work and the game mechanics are a bit dull. The bonus game is disappointing because advancing through the rounds does not increase big win potential. I scored 57x in a long bonus round: https://fan.nolimitcity.com/replay/zisobagakouzoditunukaberureuwasodihudada?device=mobile&language=nl
  12. It is now! I played the megaways version on casino777.nl and got a 50x base game win and 3 bonuses in 10 minutes. The bonuses gave 30x (twice) and 60x. Production quality not bad for a Red Tiger game: bright and colourful graphics, decent sound, good theme and fine bonusgame. The second chance feature is cool. Will play again for short sessions.
  13. Just a nice little win. Played this one on 711 on a EUR 2 stake, Hacksaw 2 Wild 2 Die https://replay.hacksawgaming.com/?roundid=2000156940004&partner=2236&language=nl
  14. Just chilling, tonight I was playing the slots that are promoted as 'new' on Toto Quickly after a decent win on Sails of Gold by Playngo (new lolz) I tried The Big Dawgs by Pragmatic. Stake EUR 1 , good hit within a couple of spins. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/qzCcNeo1Rs
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