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  1. On of the skill on net sites has now credited the prizes due for the current campaign. 6 weeks worth of prizes backdated so there is definitely a list they can refer too.
  2. Noticed this in November 2023, came third in a daily Live casino promotion and should have been paid £500, this was at Casino Redkings Didn't receive the prize. sent them an e-mail asking them to look into it, no reply. Rather then just not play at Skill on Net sites I instead set up accounts at many skill on net sites and played, via various casino skins, the Pragmatic play Live casino weekly tournaments. None of the sites pay out the prizes whether it's a £5, £20, £100, £500 or a £10 000 prize. I thought maybe it was just me so I got some friends to set up account also and play the tournament. None of them have ever gotten paid. Where is that money going I wonder? Tried talking to live chat but they keep asking for the game round ID so they can investigate missing game round winnings and won't go any further without those details, which is pointless as it is nothing to do with the particular game round missing winnings. They have no awareness of the promotions running. Have hundreds of screenshots of various uncredited wins. Will let them escalate it internally and see if they get back to me. Considering they never replied when initially emailed last year; I'm not expecting much. SkillonNet first, and then 888 as they don't credit the prizes either.
  3. 😂 yeah I did, took a couple of mins to play out so was inside and had some colleagues as an audience by the time it finished.
  4. First Withdrawal (£5k) processed today and in the bank. Pretty good, only been playing at PlayOjO for a week, quick to review documents and ship the money.
  5. Walking to work, first day(night) back, had £140 or so on Play Ojo casino: Played a £75 bet, won £100, repeated bet and lost - almost at work, fuck it, changed to £2 chips, spammed one side of the race track: 31 with 20x multi, came in 😂😂😂
  6. It's cool how engaged with it the presenter is.
  7. Check out the 2nd spin… full retrigger by spin 2. 23 spins at max ways. 🤦‍♂️
  8. seems to be 94% version across the board in UK these days. Anyway, just some random drunken personal observations/tin foil hat theories I vomited out. Meant Stakelogic the slot provider with their stupid superstake feature though I don't know what i did with the post:D
  9. @ELK Studios Love this game despite it been very nasty to me. Just a design issue with it. As there is often the matching symbols destroying themselves on reel 4,5,6 and increasing the multiplier but not clearing any symbols from reel 1,2,3 (unless it fills the multi and changes to a fruit on reel 1,2,3 that can then destruct) and therefore not enabling any wins, well, that's a bit bad designwise as I don't want to spend time watching features play out that can't possible result in any win fore me. You could counter this by adjusting the wins/pays and making the game a pays both ways game. ELK has improved so much with their potential over the last couple year, so close to great. Excellent sound design and a unique taste to their slots, Cluster Slide is a lovely game (though I do wonder if the bonus retrigger is actually possible). Keep it up but stop making me watch features play out for such a length of time that I can lazily evaluate the whole board and see will ultimately do nothing for me. Also, you can make the 7's pay less, they pay such a ridiculous amount it feels like the rest of the game suffers for it.
  10. Same with the majority of playngo, Reactoons is insane and you can tell by the way the wild generating sybols leave their wilds - used to be frequently they generate 2 wilds side by side horizontally, now they will be apart and diagonally staggered with each other. The instability with put the wilds vertically rather then horizontal. The worst is the alteration that frequently not changes a low paying symbol into a other low paying symbol but seems to sometimes change a low paying symbol, ie a green, into the same bloody symbol. II don't know how these games work but PlaynGo has gotten far to greedy, have had two bonuses on Legacy of egypt at £10, one paid £18 and the other £95. I tried some new game of theirs, some bull riding game, £3 spins and hit a feature which game me 5 expanding wilds for £2400. Since then, on all there games, nada, that loki game is awful beyond words. If you want to get some confirmation bias as to how the results lower over time you just need to play Sizzling ~Spins, when that game was released it was so hot. I have my own theory as to how these games work, I'm drunk so will share in an incoherant manner: Taking Playngo as an example: There is no individual game - it is just PlaynGo, whether you are playing Reactoonz or Book of dead makes no difference - there is your IP and PlaynGO, no matter what you are playing your RTP is just based on what you bet with playNgo irrespective of the game - you get a big win on one game then the others will rinse you. The available wins are determined by how many people are playing a particular game, for example, lets say loads of people are Playing Reactoonsz then the possible wins have a progress bar like the church donations which just fills up fatter the more people are playing. 20x, 100x, 500x, 1000x, these payouts go out and need to be refilled before before they can go again like a church reconstruction donation thermostat. If no one is play the game, ala Sizzling Spins then these wins are just not available to be won. Merlin had wins, legacy of dead came and is more popular = merlin wins dried up. Both these games outdid Book of dead = book of dead wins don't exist anymore. Did I mention my last two Legacy of dead bonuses at £10 paid £18 and £95 respectively?, well, book of dead is no different. The wins at lower betsizes are because there is so many more people playing at £0.20 then £10 so they become available mor often. I'm actually doing ok on PlaynGo from multiplier win promotions playing 1 line. Whatever, I'm not speaking from a jaded perspective, I have actually made a lod of money from gambling only and net positive a couple hundred thousand overall, just drunkenly sharing my observations. PlaynGo is markedly worse during the weekend, I constantly test test it in some masochistic manner and it never disappoints. By my math I am oin the lowest ).00000001% of possible results when playing Reactoons at a betsize of £5. I feel like PlaynGo got to the top and decided to just milk as much as they could while they are seen as a necessity by most online casinos. I hope they wither, pragmatic, who fucking never pays me, is so much better. Any who, I came to Casino grounds to rant about Stakelogic but go ta little side-tracked, will go make my stakelogic rant thread. Excuse the grammer. spelling mistakes, I can see the red lspellchecker ines under the words but cant see what the actual words, or spellcheckers suggestions, are.
  11. Nice game but the bonus trail would be better if it had a dice roll that corresponded with the movement as it just feels unnatural without it, a dice roll 1-6, a moterbike rev the needle of which points to 1-6, a motorbike driveby that knocks down 1-6 enemies - anything to watch, get the number of jumps and then watch the corresponding jumps around the board play out. Game feels like it is missing something without it. Solid game though and the gamble feature is nice, like a gamble me. 8/10
  12. Hates everyone these days with the gutted RTP
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