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  1. Insane Win on the new Sugar Rush 1000, just a couple buys in and a 5000x a few super bonus buys before that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-51TsoCikM&lc=UgzXUTIGa4gQxlflJl14AaABAg
  2. One of very rare comebacks with little balance left! Such a sick streak from a hopeless situation
  3. Hello everyone! Please retweet this if you have a second, to help out with the BS Ban that happened end of September 2023!
  4. Hey all! - The compilation is out, a recap of the last year and our luckiest moments!
  5. The Hype was Nuts on Mammoth Gold Megaways!
  6. I have been strongly defeated by Money Train 1-2-3 but it seems im taking the upper Hand finally on Money Train 4!
  7. Valuing this Book Variant quite highly these days, what do you think?
  8. I feel like i might have contributed with some people not liking Lil Devil, after all where is my 10000x+ win after all this time 🥴
  9. Got very lucky on the basegame trigger of this game, enhanced to all features in the bonus!
  10. This game gave me fudge all since it came out, i had to notify Hampus the Gigaman himself immediately haha
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