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BTG Quickspins?


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The purpose of this post is to gather feedback..

So for games like Holy diver, kingmaker, lil devil & bonanza which do take a seriously long time to grind/play/bonus should BTG make their games quick-spin, it's so frustrating spinning for hours sometimes some games are slower than others.

I do like BTG games but they really do need to add an option for quicker spins should a player want to use it. (not everybody will like the quickspins so all they need to do is add a feature for people to turn on and off fast spins.

I do Remember someone talking to CEO of BTG about quickspins before and he said he wouldn't add it in for what ever reason, but from a players pov its us playing the games not him.

My opinion - add feature of quickspins please :)


@Big Time Gaming official

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