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  1. I can’t believe you spunked all that money back on razor returns. That’s criminal
  2. That’s great man. Now you can pay off some of your gambling debts.
  3. Please don’t play with that provider. At least give yourself a chance by playing push gaming or big time gaming, nolimit city.
  4. Now you can pay off all your lifetime gambling debt. Congrats
  5. Why you play 5 per spin you sicko. That was lucky as fk. Now go pay off 15,000 of your gambling debts.
  6. geggs1

    £2 left ..

    Great, now you can start to pay back a little a little bit of those gambling debts of yours.
  7. Welcome bro I’m from Vancouver.
  8. Stop letting the money count up. We all want to get on with our life.
  9. Jesus Christ. My wife just ask me if I’m watching porn. I had to turn the volume down.
  10. Worst provider of all time. Stay clear of these rip off merchants
  11. geggs1

    8192x on Chip Spin

    It’s a really weird game for sure. Nice hit.
  12. One of the best game around. It’s so generous
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