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Videoslots forfeited 9k€ win


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Last night I deposited 25€ to videoslots and played Magic Mirror Deluxe II and at one point slot went crazy. I was wining and raising bet from 0.20€ to max bet and won about 9000€...

I have withdrawn 8200e and continued playing with the rest for 4-5 hours... Suddenly I was logged out and message popped out saying they deactivated my account...


I contacted them and they said that my account was malfunctioned and they are fixing the problem.


Few hours later I got mail that I can now log in and all of my winings are removed due to some technical problems. And even my initial deposit is gone!!


Part of their answer:

"What had happened is that we had technical problems with the game provider Edict. All bets that have been made from this provider the last 48 hrs are void. All winnings have therefore been deducted from your account and the bets have been paid back. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you." - Linus S


Really @Videoslots???? Linus????

First time I win big after loosing there too many times and now they take it all away from me? 

I really can't believe this is happening, or how and why...


I'm pretty sure already that I'll never see 1 cent of that money no matter what I write and say. 

Just want to hear your opinions and warn you not to play (lose) there...

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Yeh that's a neat little trick from Videoslots there, what a scam, unless the machine actually malfunctions during gameplay and it states there is an error, they simply cannot do this, it's basically cheating, you are entitled to all of that money.

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Now I got an update email from them. That my initial deposit was wagered in the games that were not affected by the error. Thus, they won't refund the deposit.

Can anyone help me where to write a complaint or a report to?
Thank you guys!


And @Slotplayer I really want to see their response on that!! Really, if the slot is malfunctioning and gives money out, they cancel all winnings and confiscate everything. 
What with the people who lose money on malfunctioning slot?

Don't know if that means anything :) but I have recored most of the gameplay that session...
Even making my withdrawals and account history...

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3 minutes ago, IkurFPV said:

Now I got an update email from them. That my initial deposit was wagered in the games that were not affected by the error. Thus, they won't refund the deposit.


Absolute Joke. Not even a sense for customer treatment, Videoslots is AWFUL.

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What happend was you could place bets with no money in your account and get the winnings. Seeing as op says "slot went insane", and also mentioning max bet on 25€ deposit. Very suspicious to be one of the few people to almost turn min deposit into 10K during the hours that a slot provider literally was printing money. I dont think videoslots is in the fault.

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Yes, it is suspicious. I got 2.2k win on 0.50e bet, raised to 5e, after that to 10e and 20e... But my account history now logs a totally different thing. I can't find 0.5e bets at all. -.-"
And who are you @jqnhghar, it looks like you know more? :D

About placing bets without money on account I don't know about that because of I didn't lose. 

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1 hour ago, Slotspinner said:

wow what a fuckin scam
and yes sometimes i jump in like that too, altho i usually defend casinos rightfully, what kind of lame shit is this saying yea last 48 hours there was an issue - LOL

It's so good to see you defend a player and not a casino. It is not often you do this right. Well done Slotsspinner

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40 minutes ago, Kosmankasa said:

It's so good to see you defend a player and not a casino. It is not often you do this right. Well done Slotsspinner

Well he does it when its a casino he doesnt promote, so kinda double double standard. He would speak a little bit different if it would be dunder oder leovegas. :)


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Same thing happened to me but even worst.

On Friday i won 2 k euros on Fruit Mania /Arabian Nights . In chest game i had 3 question marks and made a top ladder (made a ps). I thought to myself finally i got lucky after around 100 k lifetime loss on various casinos. And it all went smooth i cashout 2 k euros.

And yesterday i decided to make a little deposit (13 euros) i was playing 10/20 cents on Rasputin, Bonanza, Danger High voltage and Gold cup.

I managed to reach 200 euros and in the middle of the play my account gets deactivated.

I contacted support and they told me they  are having some technical issues that will be solved that day. I thought to myself fine until i recived phone call from Private number. On the other end of line was Videoslots representive and he told me i had to return 2 k euros that i won on Fruit Mania or they will contact police.

He was so rude! So i contacted live support. They told me same thing without any proofs and they were so offensive towards me too. They didn't give me any explanations whats so ever. All they told me there was technical issue and you didn't need to win 2k euros, you have to return money or we will contact Police.

I been gambing for around 15-16 years and i been loyal Videoslots customer for 3 years and i never experienced such treatmant.

Was there mistake last week when i lost 200 euros within minutes? Whats the point of playing Casinos if they can take your winnings if there was 'issue' in their system.

They can say whatever they want but i won if fair and square.


So yesterday i recived email from Videoslots that my account is unlocked and my balance was reduced from 200 euros to 39 euros (in attachment)

I am still under shock with all this non sence! If they can treat me like this and do this kind of stuff where is a point in playing online Casinos.

They told me that they had issues with Edict provider as far as i know Fruit Mania/Arabian Nights is uner Gamomat

Hope you guys are going to support me!



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KEEP THE MONEY AND LAUGH. You have done nothing wrong. 

Casino owners are scammers and criminals from the beginning and they would sell their own mothers for money. God damn how much I laughed about this. Someone I know from a forum got a cashout of over 15.000€ that they now want back. 

Do nothing. Dont answer their emails, and do not send them any money. 

They cannot do shit and they wont. Just wished it would have happen to shitty Calzone instead of Videoslots though.

Just read my Calzone thread and see how Casinos treat people. They deserve this and 100 times more. 

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After reading this I closed my account indefinitely, won't be gambling there anymore. 

What ever the problem or mailfuction is a good casino would have taken it as a bad beat and would have tried to sort it out with the provider. 

Instead they start telling customers that they will contact the police if they don't get the money back.. 

If everyone would have lost their money nobody would have got an refund.. 

Hope that all members here closes their videoslots account and shows the casinos that we as an group can do big damage to their revenue, when they act like a*holes

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12 minutes ago, commander_dicksquad said:

These threads should go to casinoidaddys forum aswell since they are promoting this shitty casino . I do have an account ther myself but never deposte much cause all their games seems to not pay at all . But the slot battles are fun when u got nothing to do i guess .

They promote many shitty casinos tho

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This exact thing happened to me as well. 

I was playing MMD2 on 0,5€ bets as usual, got some nice hits and decided to cash out 1k€, which I’ve done many times before, and I left 400€ on my account for future plays.

I went to sleep right after and when I woke up I logged in to my bank account to see if the cashout had been paid out yet, but nope. 

I usually have the cashouts from VS on my bank account within an hour, so I thought that i would log in to VS to see if there were any problems, and discovered that they locked my account. 

This was two days ago, I emailed them immediately and the only response i got was them saying that my account is locked due to ”technical issues” and that they will reach out to me in a couple of hours, still haven’t heard a thing.

Seems from your posts that i’ll never see that money again, but VS should know that i sure as hell will never deposit a single cent on that site again. 


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