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  1. My bank account is not closed. What they say is that since August last year, I have had over NOK 300,000 paid in, and 130,000 have gone out of the account to unknown recipients. Now they want proof of where the money comes from. When I have made a deposit at the casino, I have used my bank card or Revolut, so they can see where the money has gone. I think they suspect something criminal
  2. It is the bank that asks. There have been payments from casinos for which they want documentation. They ask where the money comes from. I can't document something like that, the casino doesn't send bank statements. It also says something about money laundering, they might think that this is something criminal, I don't know.
  3. I have been asked by the bank to send documentation for all unknown transactions that have been in my bank account during the past year. This applies to payments from the casino and transactions from the bank to the casino. Have you experienced something like that?
  4. Hi guys. On Monday I won a "large" amount on 21.com and wanted to withdraw the money, but this is starting to take time. I have requested 2 times and the money was sent back because they could not transfer directly to my Revolut card. They asked me to try bank transfer but still nothing happens. Now I've been waiting since Monday. Can any of you help me with that? Are there representatives from 21.com here?
  5. First I want to say sorry for my bad Englis 😃h Need some help from Leovega's representative. About 10 days ago I was going to deposit money into my Leovega account, but it didn't go very well because I was charged twice, and this happened twice, once on the 17th and once on the 20th of September. Spoke to live chat, of course they couldn't help. Sent a complaint with evidence but never got a response to it. It's not a lot of money, but it's very annoying when things like this happen and you don't get the help you need. Can anyone help me, maybe letsgiveitaspin?
  6. Casumo has gone from a very good casino to a really bad one. A few days ago I won 2000 euros, and I could only withdrawal 200 euros per day, so to complete a withdrawal of 2000 I have to wait for almost a month. Never again Casumo
  7. They try hard, but without success . I use Revolut, and it works perfectly. I am also Norwegian
  8. It is probably your bank that does not accept such transactions. It has been very difficult lately with bank transfers, from casinos to Norwegian banks
  9. It is not the same. Wrong comparison. Can you guarantee me that I will win 97 euros when I bet 100euro on a slot machine that has 97% RTP?
  10. I do not understand that people are so concerned about RTP. It is not high or low RTP that determines when a slot machine pays out big. Forget RTP, that with RTP is just nonsense
  11. Hello there. Have a question and want an answer :). I use Revolut to deposit money at casinos, but now they ask for my personal ID number so they can send info to the tax office in Norway regarding my Revolut account. What should I do, send them my ID number or use another method of deposit. Thank you in advance
  12. Can you make deposits via Norwegian Bank Cards directly to the casino? How do you withdraw money if you win when the banks do not accept money from the Casino? I am just curious
  13. The winnings are real, but the question is whether the money he is playing with is his. I suspect that every streamer plays with casino money called StreamBonus
  14. No streamers play with play money, but no one plays with their money either. All the money they play is casino money (Stream bonus). What they win from any big win is a small percentage that goes to the players, the rest goes back to the casino. They are just casino employees, nothing more! As we know most casino streamers are Swedish, in Sweden the average monthly salary is below € 2000 euros, while a streamer plays 50,000, so the question is where does that money come from. Had they really had so much money then they would not have played the casino for hours. That's my theory. I can never believe anyone is playing with their own money
  15. I have exactly the same problem with Playzee. I've asked them to close my account due to bad experience,and they said ok, they should fix that right away, but my account is still open and I get offers almost every day. Playzee thumbs down
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