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  1. Letsgiveitaspin: "Sad to see more and more casinos are lowering the RTP, really have to start looking for those who still has the slots maxed out" I guess it's time to move away from Leovegas. PepeLaugh
  2. No reason to be rude. There is nothing you can do about it. I doubt that the Casino or Evolution will credit you the win just because you say you had money on it. "Now I'm deciding to close all my casino accounts because of this shit." Thats probably for the best.
  3. Must be fake right only Slotspinner can be this lucky.
  4. Yes @Jamjarboy played it on stream today, Leovegas must have fked up again.
  5. It depends which slots you play actually. I don't know if you could really play 2 hours with only 200 spins, if you play wild north or steam tower i think its possible but must be a really low volatile slot. Every depposit you should view as lost money its just how it is, you can't make a living playing slots. ( if you are not an affiliate of course )
  6. That could have paid so much more what an insane setup after first spin almost a wildline with 14 spins to go ? fudging middle reel ?
  7. Yeah totally agree. I don't understand why this issue didn't get resolved instantly since every single Casino on this planet is subscribed to this Thread. I hope nobody will send you amazon affiliate links otherwise you will have to stop using Amazon aswell. ?
  8. Bonanza start with 20kr bet do 15 spins if you dont get the bonus Raise to 50kr do 25 spins and bonusssss Just kidding bonus doesnt exist in bonanza Kappa
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