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  1. Hit a couple of good ones on Helios' Fury (2014x, 1283x and 760x) aaand on my go-to slot numero uno (1358x). Sweeet!
  2. Es gibt in Berlin eine Kneipe, die "Zum Frosch" heisst; weiss nicht warum ich g'rade daran gedacht habe 😁 Glückwunsch @Pauly, schöner Hit!
  3. StallCation


    Haha, that's insane too (just watched the Fire In The Hole II win).
  4. StallCation


    Wauw, that escalated quickly... Congrats @miss - insane win on a normal 3 scatter feature!
  5. Finally got a Hot Mode on Net Gains this Thursday - and while 590x is probably a decent outcome, it was outshined by some of the other recent hits. Best ones this time around in terms of multiplier were 1298x (Beast Mode) 1098x (Bill & Coin) and 924x (Epic Dreams, normal bonus chest upgrade). In terms of total win this 408x on Extra Chilli was the best one.
  6. Been trying out Net Gains this week, and even though I haven't managed to hit any Hot Modes, some features have been pretty good. I've attached the >400x ones in this post; mostly it's been the Coin Collector feature, that has delivered, especially when it drops a persistent collector. Those have managed 1355x, 853x and 725x during my sessions.
  7. A bit of storytelling to underline the screenshots: Yesterday I hit a couple of nice wins on Helios' Fury (671x) and Beast Mode (967x), but in both cases lacked the discipline to cash out - and even ended up ripping some more, primarily on BoD and Immortal Desire bonus buys. All in all around 675€ spunked away, which is of course utterly stupid... Today I had a decent run to make up for it. Started out with 100€ and got two decent features on BoD (didn't take a screenshot of the first one, since it was below 100x). After that I had good features on Beast Mode (1673x), Money Train II (888x) and Bill & Coin (420x) to secure a 525€ cashout. Thing is, you don't always get these redemption hits. I got lucky this time, reducing the total loss to around 250€. However, that is still too much, considering I was up initially. Gotta remember to take it to Cashoutland...
  8. >16,000x on this slot is rare, but if I recall correctly, at least a couple of players have actually hit the max. win (25,000x). I think there's even a video, where a player lands close to 200,000x on the Chip Spin feature - well, before the 25,000x cap sets in of course! :-)
  9. Wauw, I initially missed this one, the upgrade really did some work here. Great - and very rare - win @bonushunter2! FF: Due to the 5,000x cap you missed out on approx. 270x, last spin was a 4928x in itself.
  10. Some decent hits on one new and some more well proven slots. Midas Golden Touch Mk. 2 seems pretty nice imho; volatility has definitely gone down a notch compared to eg. Dragon's Wrath, which makes it more playable. I like the progressive multiplier mechanism, which actually upgrades most of the time - haven't reached the 32x stage yet though... Most noticable hit this time around was a 1190x on Helios' Fury.
  11. I hope you have more luck complaining than me @Boogz360. Tried something a bit similar a couple of years ago, while Casumo was still active in Denmark. I hadn't been playing/depositing for a while and got an email asking me to "update personal information" (screenshot of credit card, ID, waterbill or other document stating my address). I found it a bit over the top, but provided the documents Casumo asked for. I got an email confirming I was now "approved and able to deposit/withdraw". A couple of days later I put in 500 DKK and won around 2,000 DKK, on Extra Chilli as I recall it. But when I tried to withdraw, I got another email telling be to update my ID, as Casumo suddenly wouldn't accept my valid driver's license (issued 1992). Instead they asked me to upload some more recent ID, like a newer driver's license (?) or passport. My passport had just ran out at this point and getting it renewed would cost around 750 DKK (and would take a lot of time, as it was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic). In an email to Casumo I referred to their initial message about me being "approved and able to deposit/withdraw", but that was apparently "a mistake" according to their very short and unapologetic reply. After that I spunked my balance (it did last a couple of months though) and never used my Casumo account again. The f.ckers even had the nerve to keep sending me promotional emails; they all ended up in my junk mail of course...
  12. A couple of decent wins on very low stake (approx. 0.10€). In Denmark, many online casinos have changed the min. betsizes on Relax Gaming slots to 0.80 DKK. Same goes for Push Gaming, where min. betsize is now 0.70 DKK on a lot of their most volatile games. I like that a lot. Had a couple of decent 200-300x free spins on Samurai's Katana, but this 1x feature was the best (527x). Made it to the Super Spins on Multiplier Odyssey too, but they scammed a bit, this one-off feature was the best (376x).
  13. Congrats - seems like a day for explorer lines :-) Funny how they are frequently connected to Kings bonuses - either triggering one, or showing up inside one. At least for me that has often been the case...
  14. A couple of great recent hits: 652x on BoD, thanks to Mr. Wilde showing up in a Kings bonus, the 3rd time that happens, if I recall correctly. 727x on Extra Chilli (8 spins) 580x on Cazino Cosmos during a grind for the five special features. This time around the Zero Gravity Free Spins delivered (the rest was pretty shite, but I've attached them for the heck of it).
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