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Bonanza over 1000x basegame hit!


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24 minutes ago, Craig smith said:

@OnlyOneUnit well done on your win. What a super picture and a beautiful one. Diamonds are finally dug out of the mines of bonanza. Super win. Thanks for posting it up, enjoy!??. On a 0.40 euro stake it just shows how much diamonds do pay.☺.

The picture is so great! i just used it now as a backround layer on my computer hahahaha!

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hi, nice win!

I wanted to say that BTG has been real good to me also.

I hit 400 euro on a $ 0.40 stake basehit. The bonus games is really hard to get imo.

Same for white rabbit. I had 3x more then 350 euro win on $ 0.20 stake with 35 freespins (in 1 bonusgame)

1 bonus game on $1 stake i had 2250+ dollar.

But on 30 of the 40 "buy feature drop" i LOST 70%

first hit on queen of riches gave me 844x and 3 hits in a row on Dragon born of each 1000x and 1200x

I have been extremly lucky i guess in less then 1 week


But i found out that lower stakes give higher multipliers then higher stakes.

I won most cash on the low stakes 0.20 and 0.40  and 1 amazing hit on 1$ x 2250x

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