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  1. I have been in contact today again after the morning expired. what they stated above about the unfinished game. they still diddent have paid me out. they now telling me that they need to escelate it to game provider. because it diddent automaticly reset prob. why do costumers have to deal with this type of mechanical issues from casinos end! the casinos is licensed under MGA and its active platform is N1 so there should be no issue on my end of playing there casino! but for one of the reasons these brands come always with some weird stuff to stall your payments! I have nothing to do with there unfinished game bugs that suddenly involves a withdrawal?! that i had to make a new withdrawal and that was not been told yesterday as i asked if i had to do something or coming back to support about the process, but i had to because what they promised where all falls! they make claims and they couldnt hold on to these claims! I have filed a complaint on ASKGAMBLERS as im sure there will be a sollution to get my money, if they really think im going to put it back in there machines then they dont know me as they do dont know me! This is just to let you guys know what you can expect or to deal with when you come to there withdrawal process. I also saw @Casinogroundsis promoting this casino!
  2. I wanna ask if someone ever experienced a withdrawal issue like this? If so shouldt I need to worry or file a complaint? It feels to me like a dumb stalling technique wich I'm not really happy about. This is what I received after fully verified my account and have 2 pending withdrawals running. Hi How are you doing there? Upon an update from our Payment team - the cash-out can't be processed, once you have an unfinished bet in Peking Luck game. However, you can try to open this game up to finish a bet, otherwise the system will end a bet automatically till tomorrow morning Thanks for contacting us! With best regards, Turbico Support Agent I have never exp a withdrawal that is involved with an unfinished game round. If you did please let me know so I don't have to worry and take further steps to this MGA license Turbico casino.
  3. Hi Alex! Thanks for the PM! Is there a way to cancel a previous bonus I can't find anything on the website to cancel a previous bonus? It's kind of hard to clear your balance if there not really 1 line slots on your end. I'm talking about a 0.01 balance and the remaining wager is still attached? I also wanted to mention that I still miss Netent provider. Also there is some lagg spikes on some slots on your casino. I have been checking the same time on a different casino with the same game / provider from that game in this case bonanza was on relax gaming. and it took sometimes more then 10 seconds to finish my spin! I don't know if this an issue on my end but because I have been checking this on other casinos I diddent had this issue. Also I would like to know if there is a leaderbord for the Sunday spin. So you can see what place you are in the Sunday 1 spin promotion to have a chance to win allot of free spins. The promotions page diddent show anything at all so its kind of blindless hope to win? Just to make things clear it would be a nice feature. The casino is verry friendly to search for specific games. I have spoken to Saso from the support wich is a nice guy to talk with! I hope there is something to do with the transaction fee for deposits! Just Spin is one of a kind with 21.com wich in my opinion have great offers and great free spins promotions!
  4. To be a small bitch to let you know it's possible to hit them!
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