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  1. As Rexxor says, it all comes down to the slots you play. You can lose thousands in a hour on Primal for example, or play for days on a small deposit if you play lower varience slots.
  2. Play'n GO are completely fine, you were just unlucky in your game play. It's also worth pointing out, that some casinos have a considerably lower RTP on Play'n GO slots as the operator can set the levels themselves. Always check the RTP percentage in the help menu and compare with other reputable casinos.
  3. Seeing as you have posted this on every gambling forum around, I'll post what I said earlier ? I had a meeting with GAMSTOP on Wednesday and they confirmed that 90% of UK casinos/sportsbetting sites are now signed-up, that leaves 10% left who are in the final stages of implementing the service. The deadline has been extended to the end of Q1 for all sites to join or face licence restrictions. If you have taken the decision to stop gambling and opted in for self-exclusion, no-one here is going to recommend a casino for you either on this post or privately. I also urge you not to join any unlicensed clip-joints overseas, you won't get your winnings and you may end up having your identity stolen in the process.
  4. Duelz only launched today (less than 4 hours ago for affiliates) - this spammer is quick off the mark!
  5. 1833 spins on Immortal Romance without a bonus once. £500 cash deposit down to 0!
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