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F*** Netent


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i am Not Sure either you are the unluckiest Person i know or you maybe Play on a Rouge Casino with Pirated slots.....or youre like a Friend of mine plays 10 spins complains Why he hasnt gonna get any win or freespins and comes up with his thinfoil hat and Illuminati shit 

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3 hours ago, mulvenCS said:

As I said on your other post. You are a degenerate and need to stop posting on here.

Your threads contribute nothing to the community and you need to stop gambling.

I'm a degenerate, what because i am exposing this scam provider for what it is, you don't have any idea of my bankroll and how often i play so who are you to comment about degenerates, you're the one who talks about a gambling community you hypocritical fool, now who sounds like a god damn degenerate!

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This line of thinking is what makes me think you have a problem, especially with gambling. There is no conspiracy here and nothing to corrupt. NetEnt calculate a theoretical rtp over millions (100+) of spins and they can't make changes to the slot without the UKGC letting them. If you think you are exposing a provider for malfeasance when there is none to find then its ridiculous.


If you can afford to lose this much then thats alright, just don't get so hung up on it mate. If you gamble with any money treat it as lost and if you think a provider/casino is scamming you avoid them. It doesn't mean you are right but it might make you feel better. The only reason I think you are a degenerate is because you are saying the kinda things that people who are degenerates would say because they can't handle their gambling. If i was wrong I apologise but no one needs to see threads like this is what I was trying to get at.

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