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  1. First ever bought bonus and first time playing it, the first minutes i SAW 1333 Euro took me to a while to understand it was 13.3k😀
  2. Well i allready accepted a loss but to my suprise i got the Money today
  3. i find that rule confusing, in my free time i programm on android and a OR statement is that just one of the following values has to be true and not both value or value for my understanding it means either 1 value has to be fullfilled it can be either 5 euro bet or 50cent per line so the or function kicks out the 5 euro value if the 50cent value has been met and the other way. the AND would change the the way you say it it need to be 5 euro and 0.50cent per line so both values have to be met so it would be 5 euro and 50cent per line wich means i have to be on 5 euro and do not cross the 50cent bet value so on a 5 liner it would be max 2.5 euro the OR suggest me i could play 5 lines a 1 euro or play 1 line 5 euro since i met one of the required statments since the OR means just 1 of them have to be true and not both at the same time as long as i met 1 of the statments i am good. we will see ive got a big withdrawal pending and i did bet over the 50cent per line but not more than 5 euro in total on a 5liner slot
  4. So ive read those terms quite alot wich states "Max allowed betsize is 5 euro OR 0.50cent/line." so i can do a 5 euro bet on a 5 line slot 1euro/line= 5 euro OR on a 20line slot i can do 0.50cent/line = 10 euro bet OR on a 50line slot 0.50/line = 25 euro bet am i correct?. or lets say 1 line slot 5 euro bet wich is 5euro/line as long as i am in either of those max rules of 5 euro bet or 0.50cent/line if 5 euro should be absolute bet it should be stated 5 euro and max 0.50cent/line
  5. Thanks for the Voododreams Rep my account is now fully Verified, and total payouts have been made and allready hit my Account quick as i know them. Still it leaves a bitter feeling since there is nothing worse than waiting for a bigger cashout for 4 days. i suggest fellow Gamblers do a Verification before hitting bigger withdrawals. expect for the Verification Process i am statisfied with the Casino and would recommend it
  6. dito, on friday i sent them my ID,Bankstatement,Payslip on Sunday i contacted Live support wich told my ID was to blurry(they also told me they sent me an email for a re-reqest of ID wich never appeared on my email) so i reuploaded and chat told me everything else is fine and my verification should be asap(sunday morning) in the evening 22pm i contacted again and they said today it should be done, today 1/2 day is gone and still no information about the status my withdrawals(1250) are still pending in the air. i am worried i might get them in a week or more wich sucks totaly. i also did a few deposits after i recived the kyc email, i just set all my loss/depo limits to 1 euro. Not sure if i Keep playing @Voodoodreams, i was quite happy with them before they did cashout my several time quite fast in Min to my Bank account before the magic 2k cap and the KYC need to be done. Also maybe Relocate this topic intro Casino Complains since it clearly becoming a Complain now waiting soon a week to get the Verification done
  7. I am also waiting since friday to get my Account Verification done, this is by far the Longest Time i had to wait for a Casino...i am getting frustrated i am a long term cg Member and i am Register nearly on all promoted casinos but i have a feeling Things go quantity over Quality...wich worries me
  8. They day is nearly over still nothing i contacted Support but they could Not give me an answer, anyone from the casinogrounds could Hook them maybe up ?
  9. Hello, i Need to do the kyc currently on voodoodreams, anyone knows the eta how long they Take? I am waiting currently 3 Days now. Ive got a few withdrawals Hanging in the air. Ive read a few topics that it takes a Week and more for them to verfiy your Account.
  10. even as i know the odds sometimes People just cant believe it. i once lost around 20 buyins all on first gamble. noone got over 12 spins and most lost in 8 to 12. in These Situation you just Start to disbelive the odds See Real
  11. 667 or so spins ob fat Rabbit on 2 €stake bonus gave me 20x or so i had Numerus times 300-600 spins on book of Dead no Bonus once Danger nearly 1k or so no bonus nur than on the other Side i had times i got book of Dead bonus every 5-20 spins or with last 10 Euro i got 4 times Danger bonus nearly back to Back paying shit tho
  12. Ohh i had plenty of fails in dhv getting 9s on 4 bet in the gates and only 3 dropping in had 20+ bonus in the last 4 days noone paying more than 150x most 10-50x
  13. Deposited yesterday oder 1k Euro and had only shit bonuses highest was 90x around hat 2x Bonus on book of Dead at 5 ans 12.5 hat fucking time both less than 20x
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