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Land based vs Online casino's


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Back in the day when online casino's were none existent, I used to visit land based casino's every now and then. It had something magical and was something to look forward too. 

Last month I was in Macau and also here in the Netherlands I visited a land based casino but tbh I was kinda bored at both places. The slotmachines are so generic and boring. In NL most fun I have are the Williams Interactive (WMS) machines which do exist online as well. Table games are chaotic and always full and bust, people playing always complain and depressing to be around with. 

For me land based casino's have become a social meeting place for social gamblers or old fashioned hardcore gamblers. There is little that appeals to me to go there and gamble.

Online casino's are a blessing both for table games and live casino plus the online slots seem to be so much more fun. 

This of course is my own personal view. What is your opinion on land based vs online? Please share your thoughts here :)

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went to landbase serveral times. slots are indeed more boring and i prefer the online slots.

also table games is sooo annoying, trust me im not a racist, but at roulette the table's are full of chinese people walking around and when you stand in their way they would get pissed off. to much chaos at tables is the problem there.


so for me, i prefer the online casino.

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there is also a realy big difference in the rtp....i went in the last 12 months around 5 times maybe i lost 4 times the money only once i had Luck on ghostslider and won about 1.3k

Last Week i went to the Casino and lost 700 in like 4 hours. 

Herein Germany Evers 80 Euro the Machine takes a break also Every  60 min a timeout also i changes the Money Intro Points  20c =20 points  takes  5sec or so to Switch em 10 min or more for the full 20 euro played max 3 at a Time stake 40c-2 Euro mostly at 40c-80c . the only Thing i Enjoy is the People the Friendly bartender. and the ladder System  To 140 Euro. i was a Hardcore gambler when i started playing in the landbased but i lost Way more than i won.  online Casino i Feel i got Way more Luck  and better chances 

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tat man and myself first land based slot we played at the weekend was book of ra and we went halfs on it, first spin by tat man was a bonus of 200x and it was such a good feeling.  But then after visiting 3 casinos in the same weekend I agree it was boring to see the same slots (mainly novos) everywhere and Cleopatra done me over £100 and I can't remember getting 2 scatters 1 time whilst the online version it's almost every 20 spins! 1 thing though for us in the UK, I got to play Lord of the ocean and lady luck 6 and I haven't seen them available anywhere online for us. Online slots for sure are always going to be better with a higher RTP

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