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  1. Wow long post and I did read most of it trying to figure out what the complaint exactly is. So its not about the money or the fact they banned your account or put in on break, but the slowness of their response thus making there reason to cut you off a bit ironic. Without picking sides or anything I wonder if there is a gambling site live with topnotch personal assistance. Been gambling online for years and I feel most companies have offshore support departments with generic flowcharts on howo to deal with questions, VIP managers usually a bit more involved but also so much they can do. So yeah tough situation you are in, I do feel like it does not make all of Leo Vegas bad or scam, you are just having a bad experience which could have been dealt with alot better but like I said customer support can be bad everywhere, it will never be an unique selling point, only a dissatisfier. Hope eventually you get things sorted out and if you dont trust them or think it is a bad site there are of course many others for you to pick from. Maybe update this if they ever give an response on tyour situation, I am curious where this will lead to from their side.
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