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Hi guys just a little follow up after my £50,000 withdrawals back in September well you guessed it still waiting!!!! 

I am back and forth with the verification team the biggest issues is it seems to take them at least 3-7 days for a reply which is incredible after waiting nearly 16 weeks for my withdrawals and verification. 
I have given them all the information that’s requested but they just don’t seem to read the information correctly as how I used my winnings back in 2019 to the present day. It’s very bad service as at this point I would expect immediate replies from them or at least someone to call me just so I can explain over the phone.


these people seem to hide behind live chat and delaying emails.


I might have to get my solicitor involved now as this is just getting crazy and fed up off waiting and explaining constantly but they will be extra charges for my waiting plus compensation if they don’t get it sorted.

i never expected to wait this amount off time as I play high stakes on videslots and mansion casino never had an issue with documentation. 

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Hi mate I have done all that already. 

I just can’t believe it nearly 16 weeks now. I sent in three new emails on Monday it’s Wednesday today and still no reply. Most casinos I have dealt with online get back to me within the day NYSPINS take days to get back. 




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I tried that askgamblers website mate but they rejected it after I said that I spoke to the ukgc and Ibas. They said they couldn’t get involved with this claim even though I was only asking for advice from Ibas and ukgc not actually signing up with them. 
hopefully it will be sorted out this week but everytime I send an  email to NYSPINS it takes days for them to get back to me plus they always come up with something else.
For example: I deposited under £3,000 with NYSPINS all together so they sent me an email asking for proof off a couple off deposits and withdrawals one from betvictor which was £3000 withdrawal which would cover the amount I spent on NYSPINS and the other was grosvenor landbase casino which was £60,000 withdrawals 3x £20,000! So I sent them all the information from betvictor and grosvenor showing the money going in and out off my bank plus documentation from the casinos they sent to my email address. 

it’s just unbelievable that I have had to wait 16 weeks for £50,000 which is a lot off money I get they have to do all these checks but I have sent them so much information now and tbh I only deposited under £3,000 pounds it’s just the fact I won £50,000.

if I would have just won a £1000 would I be going through this? I don’t think so! 

what I can’t understand also is why nobody from NYSPINS can’t just call me it’s much easier to explain over a phone call but everything is emails and live chat which sadly is a waste of time. 

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