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casumo- will i get my money or not ?


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  • i played casumo last night for the first time in a while and played money train and won £400  i then switched to dead or alive 2 on 90p spins and had a few bonuses paying nothing and then i hit the holy grail i hite a bonus for £26,000 it was amazing a wild line and 5 spin retrigger ive never seen anything so glorious in my life i was shaking and excited. i instantly went to withdraw it which is when i was hit with proof of verification and wealth and all that stuff so ive put it all in and now waiting for a response but then i decided to read the reviews about casumo and they are not looking good by the sounds of it they never pay out and lock accounts and now im scared i wont get this money. so i need some advice on what i can do to prepare incase they do this. thank you and any advice will help me greatly
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It all depends on the validity of your documents.

If they are all in order then you will get your money but it might take some time.

The best thing you can do is to wait, don’t stress yourself and be prepared for it to take some time. If you get in a negative mindset the you will stress yourself out unnecessarily.

Casumo will be looking for any reason not to pay you - breaching of bonus terms, dodgy source of funds etc. All you can do is comply with their requests. Stay very calm when communicating with them, don’t give them any recourse to, later on down the road, give the impression that you were the one been unreasonable.

Give them time to verify and validate everything. If the outcome isn’t ultimately beneficial to you then you make a formal complaint to the casino, await the final response(which they are obligated to provide) and then,  depending on that response, you go through an independent complaints service. Don’t get ahead of yourself though, there is no point fretting about a negative outcome that may never arise.

If you need any assistance with the proceedings then you can PM me and I can point you in the right directions. 

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thank you for taking the time to reply to me, i will do everything to stay calm and comply with everything they say after having such a huge win its kind of deflating as you can tell lol. is there any chance if they rejected my claim and refused to give me the money am i entitled to it seeing as i won it by depositing my own money?

i will give it time though and will keep you updated on what happens thank you for the advice and offering to help me its nice to know there are people out there who can help.

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As long as everything checks out then you will get your money eventually.
If Casumo refuses then you have take the next steps. There are agencies external to Casumo whose can investigate and decide whether or not the casino has to pay you. Casumo can not reject the decision of these agencies.

You will have options. 
Chill, be patient. You can see from your second post that you are already thinking the worst. No point to do that. As it stands at the moment the casino is just carrying out its due diligence and has been prompted to be a bit more thorough due to the sums involved. 
Give them a chance. 
Assume everything will turn out fine until you are informed otherwise.

I’m assuming you have already contacted live help and asked about the progress of your withdrawal/verification etc.

At this point all you will be told that your case is been dealt with by the relevant department.

Give them a working week before contacting them again.

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^^ I second both what Dirtystack and Skylined87 have stated.

Actually Casumo is in many aspects a very good casino. 

But they are strict when it comes to verification, and especially, 'source of wealth' checks.

In the past Casumo has been hit with heavy fines for anti-money laundering and consumer protection shortcomings
(and a bunch of other things ) so it is understandable that Casumo is stricter than other casinos. 

You should be good if you are a legit player. Hope you get your money soon and keep us posted.

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they have just messaged and said that it has been approved and is now going into second check on their side which they said is something to do with licensing and told me there is nothing to worry about from now on.

i know i seemed concerned but 26k is a massive amount of money it can do so much but im definitely a lot happier now its been approved.

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they said that the withdrawal has been approved but theres still a few checks to do on their end but they said dont worry its nothing for me to worry about apparently its licensing checks. i dont know what they mean by that as i said normally when i withdraw from places its easy.

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They probably do the licencing checks at every site you withdrawal from, they just don't tell you about it as they are to ensure the casino is complying with their licencing conditions , not that you are.

Stuff like making sure there is a clear transaction history for their own records so that, if any auditors decide to do an audit, they can clearly see the casino is operating according to the procedures set out in their operating guidelines - making sure there is a clear record that you were signed off/passed the SOW/SOF checks before the withdrawal was processed. 

Legal stuff like that.


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Also It is often the case that a withdrawal over £xxxx can not be processed until a particular manager has been informed about it.


Underling (to manager) "We have a withdrawal for £26000, I need you to ok it."

Manager (to underling) "WTF, who?"

Underling "Just some random guy, small time player."

Manager  "FFS, why does this shit always happen on my shift?!?"

"Has this lucky bastard passed SOF/SOW?"

Underling "Yes."

Manager "Make sure he has been entered in the Daily Manager Player report."

Underling "Already done sir."

Manager "Sir?, hmmm, I like it when you call me sir. Ok, process his withdrawal and flip the switch so he loses from now on."

Underling "Sir, yes Sir."

Manager "Stop it, I can only get so hard."

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haha i can so imagine thats how it happens. trust me i was rocking a big one for that 26k win lol pitching a tent that could house king kong haha.

yeah im just going to give it a few days and be patient as you can clearly tell im super excited lol

thank you for all the advice and help guys i appreciate it alot

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Don't worry mate yo u should get your money as long as you have all the nessecary documents you be fine. You might wait a bit cos its bigger amount and lately casumo can take a piss too thou. I won 4.5 k like a 2 month ago it took almost two weeks to get money but I finally they have landed in my account.congratz on the win don't waste this money on slot bruv

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Never had a problem with casumo, played there for a few years. always have very helpful live chat and documents get looked at fast. as long as you've done everything by the terms and your docs are fine then i don't think you will have a problem at all so no need to worry. congrats bud !

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 so little update: casumo sent me an email this morning saying that if i dont verify my account they will lock it completely which is bad but i have 3 different live chats of a person saying that my documents are verified and my withdrawal is safe.

they also said the email they sent is an automated email but i had already sent and got proof before this email was sent. they said they they are experiencing high level of withdrawals at the moment and that mine is in a back log so it will get sorted soon

i know it may seem like im worrying too much but after reading reviews online from other people this seems to be a common problem and this is the start of them not wanting to pay out. so should i have a reason to be worried or not ?

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Just chill. 
There is no “them not wanting to pay out” that is not how any reputable casino operates.


Casumo is reputable.

Can guarantee you the vast majority of those complaints you are reading are from people who either can’t provide SOF or those who see it as an invasion of privacy and get mad at the casino for insisting.

Crooks, people gambling with benefits, that kind of thing.



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