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Evolution games are controlled - and other providers as well


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One month ago I found a pattern in Crazy Time. The game was running hot for few weeks. It gave certain numbers & bonuses in cycles. I waited and bet those numbers only giving me much better winning odds. I played it everyday for about three weeks. I won almost everyday and of course I also lost, but overall I won about 19k in those weeks. I never played it in the evenings (european time) because it was only collecting when there were more players. I got the the best winnings in late the night times or day times. I only played short periods of time, wait for the hot streak, caught the bigger win and got out.

Then suddenly they changed something in the game and now it's working totally differently. And I've stopped playing it. You can think it was pure luck - and yeah probably there were few lucky shots - but I've been playing slots about 15 years and probably never won even two days in a row in casino games.

If the game was still running in the same way, I would be probably playing it atm and not writing this here. But I wanna share this with you cause maybe it helps you NOT to play those games that much. I still play Crazy Time and slots now and then, but I get easily bored because I know they are full controlled. If you have played Megawheel (by pragmatic) you can see it has a motor. The wheel accelerates after the host has spin it. I think they don't even want to hide that fact.

I still wanna say I like this game and think it's really entertaining. You can def win there, but only when Evo decides. Good luck!

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So you are saying you came up with a system that worked right up until it stopped working - like every system designed by every gambler ever and, just like every gambler ever, when your system stopped working it was conclusive proof that they changed something to invalidate your system rather then you accepting that there is no system to beat the house advantage.... 

The odds just caught up with you is all that happened.

Put your entire plays history, copy and pasted from the casino history, in a reply to this thread so we can see this system which could only be beaten by Evilution changing something. Let us decide for ourselves, based on the data, rather then just accepting your proclamations.


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Personally, I don't believe that Evolution Games are rigged. At all. 
This company is making way too much money from the house edge of the games they offer when producing them legit.

However two points for the OP  :
1 I have seen many shady and unusual things in (online) gambling.
Think of 
Absolute Poker Potripper superuser scandal

Videopoker randomizer timing glitch
blackjackgate, cheating of Costa Rica live online blackjack
dozens of 'emptyer' tricks on landbased slots and a few online slots being pulled because of manipulation.
Always be wary of cheating, on the other hand lookout for opportunities. 
2 The greatest gamblers are superstitious. If you ever find something that works for you, keep doing it until it does not work anymore. Figure out why it does not work anymore and adjust accordingly.

Clearly the OP falls in second category, congratulations well done and on to the next thing.

A decade and a half ago I played some videopoker at Victor Chandler Casino. The paytable for  Deuces Wild variant was not standard so I could not lookup the RTP from a table on the internet (wizardofodds) and IIRC was also not published in the casino.
I put the numbers in Excel and figured out something like 102% RTP, which would be very unusual but not totally out of the question for an obscure machine.

I played it for a couple of days and got the Jackpot prize a couple of times.
The coin size could be varied so I had a good thing going and was up a couple of thousands GBP.

Of course the inevitable downswing came, I lost my winnings and more before going back to the drawing board.
My calculations had been slightly wrong. Instead of 102% RTP, it had something like 98.8% RTP or something.

So that was the end of that videopoker.
Hope I learned from it to revaluate sooner but I tend to keep making the same mistakes  :D 

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Thanks for the comments!

One things about Crazy Time. I'm player who plays slots with 1e bet. I HARDLY ever win 100x from slots with 1e. Well sometimes when it's a really good day. Slots supposed to pay better with higher rtp than Crazy Time. But in Crazy Time: I've hit 100-200x with 20e bet many times! The winnings are totally in the different league. I have no motivation to play slots with 1e bet if you win 100e. Maybe I could win 10000x in slots with 1e but I had to spend my whole life playing them. And if was playing slots with 20e bets, I'd lose everything immediately.

But in Crazy Time I manage to hit those 100x-200x multiple times. And even more X. Why? I don't know. Can I read it? I don't know. Tell me. Maybe I'm just f****** lucky. 

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6 minutes ago, dirtystack said:

Congratulations, Evilution is aware of all your convincing posts regarding the rigging of their games, in an effort to silence you they have rigged the games in your favour.

Your endgame has been realised, you have ascended, you are now the god of gamblers.

I bow before thee.

Nice! Thanks Evo. ❤️ 

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