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Trouble withdraing winnings


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Hi, i just won 25000 NOK on comeon.com

but i have some real problems withdrawing my winnings. I been talking to customer support, and they say i have to make account on either neteller or skrill, and then make a deposit on 100 NOK to approve the account. fair enoug, so i made account first on neteller, but then jt said it was problem contacting the bank.


So then i tried Skrill. but it is the same problem there.


I live in Norway, so the rules for online casinos are strickt, but surely there must be a way for me to get my winnings? god nows i could use the money.


Does someone have any idea what i can do?


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They should pay out winnings in the same method as deposits. It should be their problem not yours, or else they shouldnt accept deposits with bank cards (what deposit method did you use?)

Second, neteller has stopped supporting NOK as withdrawal currency. That means, if you get 25.000nok transferred to your neteller, it will be excahanged to EUR when making a withdrawal to bank, and that mens you will loose around 10% in currency and fee's. So you will loose around 2500nok. Not a good solution. FYI

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i used my visa card to deposit. and that was no problem at all. I also told them that its strange that its no problem for me to deposit on their page, but when i want to withdraw it suddenly so difficult. Soo here i am, dont really now what to do :(

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Ok, so now i have a new problem.


They want me to provide proof of my visa, address and driver license. this is no problem. But they also demand that i provide proof of a visa card i used on the page for many years ago. I told them that i dont have that card annymore, and that im not even customer in that bank annymore. 
So they just tell me to contact the bank and provide proof that i did own that card sometime, and that is now blocket.
So then i contacted the bank, but they cant provide the proof i need either. Annyone have a solution?

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