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  1. Just to not derail this thread and close it with my final conclusion: During this time i had decided against playing here anymore, however after receiving amazing customer support along the way (mainly Bob) , i have taken my business to only this casino and now play only here.
  2. I’m not saying don’t play at this casino, nor that they don’t payout. i’m just saying i don’t agree with how the situation was approached. They already knew they had payment provider issues after first, second or third time. Why keep promising dates you know you can’t hold every week instead of just saying the reason.. Once again, Bob was amazing and great help dont misunderstand.
  3. Bob is the best for sure. But, your wrong, wrong and wrong. No banks in Norway had any issue. The payment provider they use had some issue. The whole situation was a mess, being promised 4-5 different dates and being lied to before finally hearing about the situation and having it resolved only after mentioning MGA complaint and having gotten «compensation» as bonus money for low sums after 25+ days of waiting time is nothing to really brag about or worth mentioning. So no Thanks, i’ll stay away from the casino. Who knows it was the truth anyways when i asked for a proof of receipt 10 times and never received it. What if they just delayed on purpose. Who knows. Bob was a nice person though. But sometimes i was the one updating Bob about the situation and getting more information from other sources/live support before i heard from him...
  4. 0 NOK. All eaten. Hence i stated a small sample. I’m well aware this could be «bad luck». However playNGo have never felt the same after 2018/2019.
  5. Just to show the difference on a small size how this affects even in the short term. Start : 5000 NOK raw game : Book of dead(94.2%) betsize : 5kr total amount of spins : 3897 bonuses : 11 best win : 58x Can send over data history from Leovegas casino history if anyone wants to look. Basically went from a 1/170 bonus to 1/360 and bonus is now Even worse
  6. I told you to get professional help @Navyboy24 your not going to get any here. it’s the same case i had where they just closed the case saying i didn’t provide enough bs line. Get a lawyer ASAP. Or file a Madre ( Maltese alternative dispute resolution) complaint. They are lawyers that will gladly help you.
  7. Update: Still no money received. Also sure the others with the same issue have not received either. Waiting for a update from Bob and still waiting for a proof of transfer.
  8. Started off for the player, ended in being for the casino and wallet in the end.
  9. Soon were gonna get the Daniel negreanu version of «more rake is better» here on CG 😂 Where streamers will swear by «Lower RTP is better for everyone»
  10. Been promised i will hear about this / have a update for why i’m not receiving my money today, Still heard nothing so lets see...
  11. Update: Wednesday 27th of january and no money in my account. No money received. Third promise, i am being lied to here or something is up. Norwegian banks can be a pain in the ass that’s for sure, but being promised dates after dates, having to provide bank statements for « investigation» to delay even further and no real noteworthy compensation now after 24 days of delay not to MENTION i have asked for a proof of transfer/receipt which have been promised i will Get for the past 3 weeks that have not showed up is ridicoulos. I wish it worked like that, they couldn’t care less as long as they pocket affiliate money sadly. Just look at poor navyboy and his issue with NYspins for over 4 months now.
  12. Another fair point can be made here. The same streamers that point out people like him/others are fake money, scam sites, demo version are the same ones swearing on everything the sites they promote are not like that 😂 of one casino can do it, i’m pretty sure others can too.
  13. Mate i think you have no other choice then to legally pursue this. I had something similar happen to me at Wildz Casino where i was a winning player for the year ( a Nice big amount like yours) and they started requesting the most stupid shit after 6 months of proccess. Providing them every payslip/bank statements basically everything possible that proved it was my funds being used and they were asking me questions about private transactions ( bills/friends family/ my job) stupid stuff that had nothing to so with it. In the end they closed my account stating i didn’t provide enough. go contact a lawyer
  14. Once again this is not news. i work in the sales industry and not one day goes by without small hoaxes/small lies either by colleagues people in the same industry or heck Even myself just to sell. On other news, the sky was reported to be blue today...
  15. Update: Been promised money should reach my bank account latest 27th wednesday. Will update once this date arrives...Hopefully money is here if not this is getting out of hand.
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