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  1. You missed the point in the RTP manipulation somehow. Of course the slow is rigged from the ground up for YOU and ME to lose money. They don't need to manipulate anything to get money there. However, smaller, "Curacao" casinos which want to attract clients usually need an incentive to make people join and deposit. Since you don't see many casino commercials, what better way to attract the masses than to show them that people actually HIT HUGE on their casino? how to do that? introducing.... RTP manipulation. I'll just hit the WIN button a few times on a 1000, 2000, 10000 viewer twitch channel promoting my casino and voila - money! On the flip side - would anyone deposit money when they watch a streamer constantly just losing and losing and losing on their casino? This covers the "why should they?". "can they?" - well, I truly believe they can and there are many ways of doing so. Regarding the big hits... seems you guys are just repeating the same thing over and over... "if you played unlimited amount of times you'll hit that too", "they play a long time". I'm giving you an UNREAL example of the NUMBER of HUGE HITS in a SHORT timespan, i'm not talking about UNLIMITED spins, i'm talking about getting multiple huge hits within a span of hours whereas there are people here who are playing for years who didn't get even 1. Does that seem reasonable? Take it hour vs. hour. If a streamer is playing 10 hours a day for a month, that is say 720 hours. and Mr Joe gamber is playing for a year 2 hours a day, giving him the same 720 hours. wouldn't you say that the number of HUGE hits between the two should be the same ballpark? I'm showing you that it's far far far far away from even being the same game. Regarding your last paragraph, it's also naive. Of course a casino is designed for you to lose and I don't think that ANYONE who's playing casinos doesn't know that. HOWEVER, when a streamer gets one version of a game which shows - "holy shit - i'm printing money here", it incentivizes gamblers to invest even more and losing even more. This is called FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. To sum it up, the problem is not "crypto casinos". They are just emphasizing the bad practices the industry is using. Easy licenses, loose regulation and too many ways to attract players showing them a pink world, giving them a shit show when they deposit.
  2. Yeah, that's Rosh. Another prime example of a person getting just too many huge hits by a casino who pays him millions a month to play there. Last I saw he hit 5000x on Mystery Museum twice 2 weeks apart, 2-3 times 10000x on Book of Shadows in a 2 month span I believe, 9 million on a 4500x win on Wanted dead or a wild max bet a week ago and the list goes on and on and on where some people who talked here saying they played for years not getting a single hit like that. I don't understand how some people can be so gullible as to think "casinos CANT manipulate RTP". It's just laughable since slots are just code and code can be manipulated, period. Also, casinos get different versions of a slot for testing purposes where they test it on sandbox environments and have control over it. Who's to say which version of the slot you and me get when we click PLAY and which version Rosh or the other guys are getting? Believe it that anything that technically CAN be manipulated WILL be manipulated when it comes to casinos. Especially when most big casinos today are governed by some Curacao monkey license allowing them to pretty much do anything they want for 20k euros a year license fee.
  3. Definitely impossible - unless someone's pushing the WIN button somewhere. The other elephant in the room which no one talked about is the RTP manipulations. I strongly believe that not only the balance is manipulated on top streamers, but, in my opinion much much worse where the money came from, but also the win rate. I've been watching multiple small streamers who stream for 8 hours buying bonuses most of the time vs. bigger streamers who do the same and the results on months comparison is so big, that it's not even the same fucking ball park. Day in, day out you see big streamers hit 2000-7000x wins on the big stakes while smaller streamers maybe successfully hit a 1000x-1500x on small and micro stakes (which probably sounds awfully familiar to gambler in here....) I don't know exactly what's going on (boosted RTP, some form algorithm to generate big hits based on stake size, etc...) but the numbers don't lie and you'd have to be a moron not to see there's a pattern here...
  4. I havent posted here in a while, but i've been watching streamers for a long time now and I wanted to share my findings: In the past few months Spinlife (formerly known as Daskelelele) has been hitting huge bonus hits (max wins on Rocket Reels, 14kx on Dead or alive 2 and numerous 3000x - 10kx on other slots) on a daily basis! In comparison, I've also been watching other smaller streamers who stream for similar hours (6-8 hours a day) buying bonuses the whole session for smaller amounts and the max they get every day is maybe 1000x which seems much closer to my experience gambling. The numbers just don't add up. It is literally impossible to be so lucky for so long. The only conclusion that I come up to is that the big streamers just hit huge hits much much more frequently than small streamers and obviously, your everyday Joe Gambler. Now, i've heard so many arguments that it's not legal and RTP can't be manipulated and regulation this and regulation that. It's all bullshit. Much like anything else in the gambling industry, anything can be manipulated. And if you think otherwise, you're just gullible. On my current casino, i've wagered around $70k in like 6 months playing 0.2$ bets and my max hit was 1250x (multiple times). Now that is 350k spins and also bonus buys. So am I so unlucky boo hoo? or is this whole thing just manipulated from start to end? Can Spinlife hit a basegame 4000x on Wanted dead or Alive on a casual 200 spin session since they're "Captains" and "so good at slots"? are they so lucky as to hit a max win on Rocket Reels followed the next day where they hit a 12000x on Das xBoot? If luck is all that's in play here, they should stop gambling on slots and just buy lottety tickets to make millions on a weekly basis...
  5. Don't be naïve, online casino regulation is a joke. Besides that, most casinos operate under some crap license which is not under any type of actual regulation. The only thing I can repeat to this forum viewers is that nothing you see is real. The whole casino streaming is made solely for the purpose of casinos to get your deposits. It's paid advertising... all casino streamers are a part of this same system, whether they deposit real money or play with fake money.
  6. Good thread... My take on RTP is that it's just an imaginary number. It's what casinos have to provide to operate to show that slots have "theoretically a good chance of getting you almost all your money back". No one knows the amount of spins used to determine this number and it's agreed that in any case that number is absurd (millions, billions, etc...). For any normal player or even a streamer, these numbers are not something they will do in their lifetime so I don't really understand the need to dwell on such an insignificant number. I mean for all we know there is a 1:1,000,000 chance of hitting a max win on a slot which is supposed to "give you back your money". Sure, play 1,000,000 spins and you'll probably hit that. Didn't hit that maxwin.. oops, sorry... you'll get a 45% RTP instead. No one knows how slots work. Be sure that they are rigged so that short term you'll lose most of your money and you'll find the actual RTP is much smaller than 95%, 90%, 80% or even 70% most of the time.
  7. Perhaps your situation is different from the high stake streamers. I've been playing a lot less lately as I'm watching streams and it really looks like those "reality tv" where everything seems to be in order but you all know that it's all cooked behind the scenes to provide you with the best show possible. Seems lately these big wins are getting more frequent for big streamers and bigger in size. Rosh making 150k, 300k, 500k all in a matter of a week. Now, Classybeef with a lucky 500k hit and some 150k hits to top it off. It's like competing TV channels where each wanna show bigger scores than the others. Seems like this is what slot streaming is going to be in the future... a lot of money involved, a lot of rigging games, playing with fake money... everything to make the viewers entertained and maybe even drop in a dollar or two. I find this scene becoming increasingly disguisting. Only thing I can say is that I pitty the people who are completely unaware of this and throw away buckets of money.
  8. @Jane Greenwoodthank you for your insightful reply. Your analogy is interesting though a bit inaccurate. Let me assure you that if TV channels companies broadcasting a game could influence a game to be more interesting and never end in 0:0, they would in a heartbeat. The relationship between football clubs and TV channels is not direct client/provider like casinos and providers and such "rigging" is impossible as too many variables are in place (players, staff, etc..) Casino operators are clients of the slot providers and obviously have much more influence as to what product they're getting. For example: we already know that there are different "RTP" versions of slots already available. Regarding streamers - you're working for a large operator, which is somewhat different than many smaller, less respected casinos where streaming might provide a great channel for client acquisition. Regarding loyalty, I'm coming from this business as stated before. I know all about LTV (lifetime value) and I agree that making a player come back is much better than having multiple players come and deposit once. What I would like to know is: 1. What options are given to an operator when they implement games on their website in regards to winning odds, RTP, etc? 2. If choosing an RTP version is available, Is it possible for an operator to purchase license for multiple versions and serving different versions to different players based on some internal logic? 3. What can you tell us about regulation in this field regarding the actual games? do you have periodic evaluations or you get a license, get an audit and that's it? Is regulation strict in terms of which version you're using, when you're making changes, etc? Thank you for any information given.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately no actual insight was provided in your post other than the fact you worked at customer support of a casino at some point. It's also so easy to dismiss everything with a sentence like "I can tell that you have absolute zero insight of how this industry is run from the backend". Ok, I get it now... thanks.. I'll leave as I don't know anything obviously. I mean, what kind of a response is that... serves nothing to the discussion. If I don't know how this works, please enlighten me and the rest of us.. how DOES it work? what is so different in the way i'm thinking a money driven, super aggressive, super competitive industry works than it actually is? In any case, since I obviously don't know how it works, i'll assume casinos want to get as many deposits as possible from players and wish to minimize the withdrawals so their bottom goes up and that greedy AF and wish to get as much and spend as little. Now, I don't accept sentences like "they are making so much money - they don't need to manipulate RTP" as ultimately it's a business and a business in such a competitive landscape is selling commodity in the end and that commodity can be attractive at one time and less attractive on another, so there is no "casino is making enough" - that is just irrelevant. Looking for more people who aren't afraid to give us some actual insights and have "enough time" for this.
  10. Someone who claims to work in the gambling industry and saying he hasn't seen anything "dodgy" is laughable. Even the janitors in these companies know that everything is dodgy about this industry. I was a team leader in a development team in the binary options industry so I was in charge of the code of similar technilogies and was in touch with the clients (casinos) and I must say I have heard everything when it comes to how to extract money from the common folk so don't come saying there's nothing dodgy in an industry which is far more dodgy than Fintech. Besides, there is little value if someone claims they have "worked in the industry". What were you doing? did you have access to any relevant data? what did your company do? People need to stop throwing clichés around like automatons as they provide little insight. You have anything insightful to add, then just say it. And also, give examples, name names.. I mean, stop being so generic (i know a streamer, i've seen this guy, on that casino).. What are you guys so afraid of? hurting the feelings of a streamer? will the gambling police come to arrest you if you name names? Same goes for sentences like "Gambling can be fun and you shouldn't gamble at all if it's not!" which came out of the slot streamer handbook much like "Only gamble on money you can afford to lose" and "You cannot make money from gambling" and "don't do this at home, i'm a professional gambler"...
  11. First of all the thread keeps going as it attracts people and people want to understand what's going on. Second of all, this thread is not about me or my losses. Doing a failed bonus hunt doesn't mean anything. I can say - look at CasinoDaddy's big wins page - they had (36!) BIG wins on January alone (including 10000x and 5000x). Does that mean it's no luck and it is rigged? I can throw numbers at you as well. The issue is not the fails, the issue is the RTP and big hits and their frequency. There is no proof here to either side - you can't prove it's not rigged and (for now) I can't prove it is. I derive from the sheer statistics which don't make sense to me as I've explained many times before. Another thing - gambling isn't fun. Can people please stop saying that??? NO ONE GAMBLES BECAUSE IT'S FUN! People gamble because of the rush and because they wanna hit big. Period. Anyone saying otherwise is fooling you or themselves.
  12. Agreed. I believe the question should probably not be if a stream is legit or not, but whether of not the streamer is involved in the scam and to what extent.
  13. I disagree. Twitch and streaming is a relatively new thing. People look up to some of the casino streamers and a lot of people legitimately believe their sincerity and spend huge amounts of money as a result. My objective is to pass to people that there is no legit in this industry. Not casinos, not providers and not streamers. Casino streaming is just the new TV commercials - they are fun to watch, they are even interactive and you can actually talk to the celeb who's on the tube. But in the end - they are a part of this industry and ultimately are just commercials.
  14. Thanks for the info. It is unfortunate to hear but very understandable. This is a money industry and money will always win. None of the streamers have responded obviously, as much as I thought. All I can offer at this point is a word of advice to the viewers - don't trust what you see on streams, be it streams made by legit streamers or illegitimate ones. The ways to manipulate stream content is increasing as time goes by and trust casinos and providers to find the ways to make it look like streamers are winning just the right amount of time to lure unsuspecting viewers to deposit. Please, before you deposit, think about why you're depositing to this casino and if it's mostly because your favorite streamer is hitting there crazy wins, just don't deposit. You will not get the same results almost ever. Doesn't matter if it's because of ridiculous 100-200-300% reload bonuses or manipulated RTP. I must say, on a personal note, that i'm disappointed from the streamers registered here as I find a lot of them pretty intelligent are good people but seem reluctant to cooperate or pursue anything in these lines. Even @Jamjarboywho claimed to get only "bonuses the rest of you get", has switched to high stakes deposits and big bonuses like the rest of them... they all fall in line with the industry. Remember people, it's ALL fake - everything you watch on stream. It's like the 25 year old model on TV who is selling anti-age creams. I mean - look at her... not a single wrinkle. Good luck to everyone.
  15. Quick update: Another 5000x hit on a famous streamer today on Lil Devil, a slot I rarely see them play. I've been grinding this lot specifically for over 13000 spins, 18 heartstoppers and best win was x1200. Maybe it is just my bad luck... who knows. Just throwing some numbers again.
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