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when you try low stake white rabbit (771x)


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@TimSchaeffer great video tim and good fun to watch. First of all congrats on such a good win for a low stake. Seen quite a few good white rabbit wins recently posted up on the forum, the Game is quite hot at the moment tim. 

You had a lovely set up with the reels and i really thought more retriggers were going to happen. Unfortunately they didnt come. Also spin 31 and spin 33 you were so close to hitting the queens. Which would have boosted your bonus up massivly. A bit unlucky thare tim. My eagle eye saw you just missed on those 2 spins.

The music with the gems you just cant beat on the BTG games/slots. Its become an iconic part of the counting up of winnings on the games.

But overall tim a great bonus mate, a good video, and as nicola says low rolling you just cant beat it. ???.

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