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London meet


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Well everyone, I just got back home from the meetup this weekend. I'm not going to dive in and say what we got up to as I'm confident Kim will be posting pictures and at some point in the near future a vlog of what happened :)


All I would like to do is thank everyone from the time I arrived in London until the moment I left for an amazing weekend. That's the streamers, the guys behind the scenes, people whose names I never knew, those viewers who came to the meetup, the whole crowd.


So with all sincerity, thanks everyone :D

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Just now, Craig smith said:

Nice to hear you enjoyed yourself tat-man. I saw and spoke to you when dave labowski did a stream on friday i think it was.i was on the live chat for a while. Could see you were a bit nervous but really enjoying yourself.  Nice to here you had a good time overall. Your a good guy tat-man.?☺☺.

I remember speaking to you Craig. You got to see the real Tat_Man   :D And you're right, I was really nervous, especially when Hendrik and Paul left me sat there by myself :-O But all in all it was really good fun :)

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36 minutes ago, Nicola said:

Met a few streamers in London last week :)

Aspers was full of familar faces on Thursday night - seemed like half of Excel was there :D:D

I wish I could of got down Thursday but things came up that couldn't be rearranged. I'm sure in the future I'll get to meet more people :D

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51 minutes ago, Craig smith said:

Im trying to get used to the casinogrounds site tat-man. There's lots of things to try and figure out. Just joined up tonight. I must admitt there is alot of things going on to look at on the site. 

There sure is a lot to check out. Enjoy what it has to offer :)

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21 hours ago, Homer Spinson said:

The most genuine, kind hearted people you'll ever meet along with yourself tat man, u made me laugh so much haha. It was a privilege to meet every single 1 of u guys and anyone who doubts any of these guys I highly recommend meeting them. You won't regret it!

Back at ya matey :D

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