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Have anyone else been banned for security reasons before they pay out withdrawals?


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Hi, me and my friend recently had a cashout following a welcome bonus. Verified the account and locked the withdrawal. When it started to take to long getting approved we went to live chat, they told us they had problem with the chosen withdrawal option and that they trying to fix it.

a bit later when we tried logging in to the account it said the account was banned... So once again we went to live chat and they said they didn’t know why the account was banned and that they would send an email following it up. 
The email said that they had locked the account due to security reasons and when the withdrawal was processed the account would be functioning again. 

Never heard of this before so I wondered if anyone else have been in this position? Is this anything to worry about?  The casino was rizk so should be well trusted..?

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What do you mean by "me and my friend" ?

If the account is in one name and you deposited via a card in someone else name then you will be lucky to get your money.

If you even hint to the casino that there is more then one person playing on the account it will be automatically viewed as account sharing - casinos are very strict about this because it is a way to let someone who may have self excluded due to problem gambling play via another person account.

It isn't unheard of for casinos to pay when they know there is account sharing going on - one of my hapless friends got paid despite using a card in a different name, despite been on Gamban himself and despite telling the live chat exactly what had happened.  It is the exception.

Even if neither of you are self excluded you will be lucky to get your money if the casino is aware that there is more then one person playing on a particular account. Same thing if you have 2 accounts claiming the welcome bonus from the same address/IP.

Don't know the exact scenario but it sounds like you have given them a reason to investigate further.

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Thank you for reply. We are not account sharing, but I’ve played a while now and he is new, so he asked me to check some things out on the account. So I logged on a few times, he used his card and all that. The winnings are not mine, but he asked if I could try to figure out what’s going on. That’s why I made this post. But is it looked at so badley for me to log in to his account that he won’t get the money? 
Because all winnings are his...

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It depends if they know the person logging in is not the account owner. It is a big red flag for the casino.

You will just have to wait a bit and see. If they don't unlock the account or process the withdrawal, after a week or so, then you will need to contact them to try and find out why. 

Just be patient, it is a slow time of the year with Christmas and new years, give them a working week to sort it out and once you know where you stand you have options as to how to respond.

Keep us updated.

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