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Mr green €2800 withdrawal confiscated


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Yesterday i made a €100 deposit at MR Green. I recieved bonus spins and won about 300 euro. I had to wager like 11k.

Since this is alot to wager, i reached out to live chat and asked if i can do bonus buys since there terms state max 5 euro bet, but at some casino's bonus buys are still allowed. The live chat told me this wasnt a problem.  

I wagered the bonus and had 2800 profit. But today they confiscated the money and said i breached the bonus terms. 

Do i have any chance to get the money back since i was falsly informed by live chat?

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9 minutes ago, uppaswampi said:

I bought multiple bonuses on Katmandu gold. They variate from €300 to €500 all on lower then €5 stake.

I dont know your conversations with the live chat but usually bonus buys are treated as one spin . So your €500 bonus buy  is not under €5 stake as you think . I hope you clarified with them about 300 - 500 bonus buys. 

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1 hour ago, uppaswampi said:

Some casino's allow bonus buys and dont see that as breaching the terms. I know that at Casumo its allowed and i think Leovegas to.

All i can do is hope that they read the transcript and fix it, but have a hard feeling about it. 

Seldom bonus buys are not allowed as per the terms, but for most bonuses maximum bet is defined in the (bonus) Terms & Conditions.
The maximum bet is often about EUR/GBP 5, which makes almost all bonus buys too big a bet.
Always read the T&C carefully.

Terms for Casumo Bonuses and Rewards
6.4. Unless otherwise stated (such as within a Welcome Offer), the maximum bet allowed when using Bonus Money is five Euro (€5) per spin or fifty Euro cents (€0.50) per bet line, or the approximate equivalent thereof in the currency of the territory in which You are resident, and this is applicable until such time as the Wagering Requirements have been met.  We reserve the right of voiding bets and winnings resulting from bets of larger amounts.

Mr. Green:
7.9. You are not allowed to place any wagers that exceed the maximum bonus bet size when using bonus money. The maximum bonus bet size is €5 / $5 / £5 / 50 SEK / 50 NOK (or currency equivalent) per bet/spin or equivalent, unless it is stated differently in the specific terms and conditions tailored to each bonus campaign. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are always aware of the maximum bonus bet size. For cases where wagers are deemed to have exceeded the maximum bonus bet size, an account may be reviewed and the bonus funds confiscated in the process.
(Also note that there is an extensive list of excluded games for bonus play on Mr. Green, but it is technically enforced you cannnot play them while playing with bonus)

No maximum bet stated.
Please note that the signup bonus is construed a little bit differently from a standard match bonus. 

Generally Leovegas reload bonuses are paid after the wagering (reward) instead of upfront.
The good about this, is that the wagering is much lower than industry standard and also that there are no restricted games or max bet.


Regarding your case, clearly you seem to have broken the terms of Mr.Green's Promotional Play Restrictions 7.9
I hope for you that you'll meet some leniency because of the live support misinformation.




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I can underatand that i broke the terms. I have read them before the bonus buys. But 5 max bet can be interpted in more ways, thats why i asked the live chat. Sadly i was falsly informed 

At casumo i wagered bonus money with bonus buys with no problem at all and they also state max 5 euro bet. So like i said it all depents on how you define or interpted that statement.

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I guess you can technically do bonus buys without breaking the T&C's so long as the bonus buy costs £5 or less. 

A £20 bonus buy shows up in your history as "Bet £20"

There is no distinction between a £20 bonus buy or a £20 spin - they are both one instance of a £20 bet.

The livechat probably has no idea, need to bear in mind when dealing with the live help of a casino, that it is entirely possible the person you are talking to has never gambled in their entire life. They may not know the difference between Punto and Blackjack, won't know what you are on about when you asked why your whole outside bet was taken when zero came, has no idea wtf you are talking about when you say bonus buy.

Bonus buy is fine technically, so long as it is under £5 for the bonus buy - that would make sense to someone whose only knowledge is that it is possible to buy bonuses and that a bet can't exceed £5. Since you had mentioned the £5 rule they wouldn't have had to reiterate this - they just added that bonus buys are possible thinking you would understand that it must cost £5 or under - for all they know it is possible to buy bonuses on games for £2.

Having said all that; you still have a chance to get the money, slim one - highlight the misunderstanding and how it was somewhat caused by both yourself and the livechat agent misinterpreting each other. Mention especially that you don't feel the whole experience of this incident is, and use these words exactly - "Fair and open." Mr Green should compensate you considering the journey to the problem is clearly signposted. 

Don't say any of this to the livechat - just ask the live chat to escalate your issue to the relevant department who can discuss the problem with you.

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