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BIG Dosser event Thursday 26/11

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23 hours ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday 26/11 we'll do the big dosser event. The biggest dossers you know (me, @Blancoand @Slotspinner) will start streaming from 17:00 at our place, then around 20:00 we'll move over to Slotspinner and do a bonus hunt.

Hope that you are well and that you are streaming tonight.

^^ You see, right over Amouranth's head is 'Biggest D' for Dosser is still empty :D 



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or I'll have to watch Amouranth all night long
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So i was there lurking and laughing moist of the time (i rarely chat as it's always way too hectic and i don't really like to 'talk to myself' :p) and i have to say that was one of the best streams in a long time! Kim i heard you say at one point no one is laughing at your jokes but trust me you're an absolute legend! Had a lot of chuckles from some of your little gems, definitely one of the perks of your character! 

The jokes were good (mostly), the bonushunt was great, all the lady dossettes and skype and discord guests were a fun addition too! And let's not forget the epic hits and comebacks...:)

Looking forward to the next one, and kind of hope you'd consider (togehter with Blanco and Spinner) to even ditch some of the regular streams to make sure this b3ecomes a steady weekly thing!

Do hope ofc. for giveaways, cheeky dosser that i am, but not so much with skype discord, i personally am auto-excluded from those ^.^

That aside, thanks for the fun and catch y'all next time!



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