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Casino Bonus Rules max 5 euro bet or 0.50cent/line


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So ive read those terms quite alot wich states


"Max allowed betsize is 5 euro OR 0.50cent/line."


so i can do a 5 euro bet on a 5 line slot 1euro/line= 5 euro OR on a 20line slot i can do 0.50cent/line = 10 euro bet OR on a 50line slot 0.50/line = 25 euro bet am i correct?.

or lets say 1 line slot 5 euro bet wich is 5euro/line


as long as i am in either of those max rules of 5 euro bet or 0.50cent/line  


if 5 euro should be absolute bet it should be stated 5 euro and max 0.50cent/line

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11 minutes ago, wertygo said:

It usually means whichever is greater. On a 5 line slot max bet is 2.5€ I think

i find that rule confusing,


in my free time i programm on android

and a OR statement is that just one of the following values has to be true  and not both


value or value for my understanding it means either 1 value has to be fullfilled it can be either 5 euro bet or 50cent per line

so the or function kicks out the 5 euro value if the 50cent value has been met and the other way.

the AND would change the the way you say it it need to be 5 euro and 0.50cent per line so both values have to be met 

so it would be 5 euro and 50cent per line wich means i have to be on 5 euro and do not cross the 50cent bet value so on a 5 liner it would be max 2.5 euro

the OR suggest me i could play 5 lines a 1 euro or play 1 line 5 euro since i met one of the required statments since the OR means just 1 of them have to be true and not both at the same time as long as i met 1 of the statments i am good.


we will see ive got a  big withdrawal pending and i did bet over the 50cent per line but not more than 5 euro in total on a 5liner slot

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How much money in relation to your deposit?

Aggravation cost money and hours so, if it is a small amount in relation to the prospective value of a player, it’s better from a business viewpoint to let some things go.

Just bear in mind that common sense when dealing with such issues is a rarity in the casino world; don’t expect a new precedent to have been set.

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