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Warning about Cherryfiesta Casino


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Just wanted to share a warning about a casino called Cherryfiesta casino. For most people on this site, they will know that it is a scam site just looking at their front page. 

This site has so many signs it is a scam i almost don't know were to start. 

The first sign is the 400% bonus of course. I went to their chat, that is very friendly untill you start ask the question they don't what to hear. 

I asked what license they use, reply was no license needed. And why did I even care about that? 

I asked what slots i am able to play, because usually danish players are not allowed to play netent and novomatic on casinos outside Denmark. The reply was that all providers are possible play at their site (i think I know why) 

I then found out they have south park and other slots that i am almost 100% sure netent removed years ago. So how can they have them? Well my guess is that they run pirate versions of the slots on their own servers. 

If anyone should be bored please visit the site and ask yourself in their chat. 

I cannot say 100% if it a scam site because i have not and will never make a deposit on their site. 

And they also closed the chat and banned me after i ask about south park slot, i only said how to you have south park i thought netent removed it and two Second later i was banned. 

Can any slot provider please confirm or deny if they work with this site? 


@Blueprint :)

@ELK Studios



The site is cherryfiesta Dot com




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@Orzabot no they don't work with these software providers. Moreover, cherry fiesta works with counterfeited slots not pirated versions. ( As far as I remember netent needs to see licence in order to give a deal) 

Now to the breaking point. There has been another thread about this casino where 2 players won and never got their winnings of course. I informed them that they will never be paid. Also the best review I ever saw was this one. 

https://slotscritic.com/casino-reviews/cherry-fiesta-casino-review#:~:text=It appears the following casinos,their network of scam websites.&text=Our verdict%3A Cherry Fiesta is,communic support teamation from their.

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49 minutes ago, geggs1 said:

It’s the year 2020. People shouldn’t even need to be signing up to new casino’s. Well established casinos have been running for years and years. Absolutely zero reason for people to be getting tangled up with any shady casino. 

There are new players who won’t know the difference between an established site and a rogue one. This thread adds to the wider knowledge base. If just one person, new to gambling, reads it and picks up a little bit of knowledge about the things they need to be wary of then it was a worthwhile post.


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This site operates along with many different brands with the same layout. I think they prey on problem gamblers and operate out of jurisdiction. In regards to whether the providers work with the site...Seeing as South Park is discontinued I will let you come to the conclusion on that one.


Run away and don't look back at the site ;)

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