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[RESLOVED] Highroller declined withdrawal and blocked my account


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I deposited in total 900 NOK, won up to 28.000 NOK. I sent in verification papers, one which include a invoice on a bill for adress verification (got declined so sent another that got approved). Now they refused my withdrawal two times, and then locked my account. Haven't heard a word from them through email about this and the live chat says i have to provide documents that the invoice i used as adress verification has been paid. This is truly invasive on my private life and they have nothing to do with my personal finances. They are witholding my money until i pay a unrelated bill. 

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It's the most weird, pathetic and stupid reason to withold a withdrawal ever. Imagine your job coming to you and saying we are holding your wages until you pay your mortgage......well.....how am I supposed to pay it if you don't pay me. 

Utter nonsense. Surely it is a pisstake and just someone who works for them messing around....

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4 hours ago, Plani Bardh said:

Oh man. Why do you deposit on casino before they verify you 100% ? :( I hope you sort it out and get your winnings but next time do not deposit a penny if casino has not verified you. 

Some casinos say they prefer the option to verify once a withdrawal is requested, they cite their reason being as efficiency due to the flagging process. On request of first withdrawal their system automatically flags for verification and they can act accordingly, but when they just receive requests to verify from the player the process takes longer.

This new step of asking people to pay their bills is really none of the casino's business however. I mean where does it stop?.....do we have to put our bins out next before receiving a withdrawal, or don't forget about Auntie Annes birthday next week. 😂

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I have provied them with payroll statements aswell now that clearly show it's my own money im playing with and that i am capable of handling my own private finances but no answer yet. i see it is exactly like the wishmaster complaint this other guy had. Hopefully i will get the same help since it's the same licence.

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