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Don't play at BGO


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The withdrawal fee is annoying, 

Play there now and then to try out some of their games which you don't see on any of the Malta/Curacao sites, all the DC Comics licensed ones for example.

Hmm, maybe I'll avoid doing so in future as it looks like they now charge when you deposit and when you withdraw.

Pretty sure the fee was only for withdrawals previously, still a dick move.



Screenshot (1456).png

Screenshot (1455).png

Screenshot (1454).png

Screenshot (1453).png

Screenshot (1452).png

Screenshot (1451).png

Have to deposit 500+ to avoid the fee.


Screenshot (1457).png

It is the same fee for all deposit methods.

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6 minutes ago, Homer Spinson said:

I stopped playing there for the same reason @Quicksave. @dirtystackmost UK sites like Ladbrokes , Bet365 , William Hill to name a few, have all these DC games in the casino section which is all playtech. Make sure you choose the right platform though because for example Bet365 has 3 different slot platforms (casino, Vegas and Games) and the DC playtech are in the casino section

Hi, i’ve Tried a few of the uk sites and found them so messy, convoluted and hard to navigate, that you feel frustrated before you even start losing money.

really like some of the games though, Aquaman is one of my favourites.

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