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Lets Go Banana Hunting! <Competition>


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Today I've hidden Bananas in 15 places across the forum, my social media and streaming channels. When you find the text "Here are some bananas" (spelling might vary) on any page, clip or post, take a screenshot and post it underneath in this thread.

The FIRST person who posts a SCREENSHOT of each of the Bananas, will receive €50 cash. Every winner will be announced here as the posts come in. Only the 15 places where I put bananas today will count towards the competition, hence in case I have the sentence written in any old posts by mistake that does not count. I'll update the list as soon as I see a new winner,

A person can only win once, so e.g. if a viewer finds Bananas in the forum and is the first one to be declared a winner, there are still 14 Bananas (14x€50) to be found and won by other viewers. This continues until all Bananas have been found (if they've been found :8 ).

The competition will run from the start of my stream tonight, Monday July 10th 20.00CET, until all bananas are found (If you don't manage to find them in a few days I'll start giving away hints). After the competition is finished I'll ship all the winners bananas to either Skrill, paypal or on Pokerstars.

Places where bananas have been found so far:

1. Instagram - @hayskane
2. Profile about me - @Noob2U22 - Sent
3. CG forum - terminator 2 hot mode - @Wordofwind - Sent
4. First youtube clip in bottom - @Huggehugg - Sent
5. First entire session on Youtube - @Greenleaf95 - Sent
6. Quick glasses comment, Facebook - @krasseman - Sent
7. Reggies moving in party - location - @NooB2U2 - Sent
8. Biggest slot wins on stream 18/2017, description - @Everate - Sent
9. Biggest slot wins on stream 11/2017 - comment - @Andreicretu - Sent
10. CG Facebook - Amber, 21st of June @Tjene - Sent
11. Community biggest wins #25 - @dreamscometrue - Sent
12. CG Facebook - Flamebusters, 29th of May - @Novion - Sent
13. Linkolank introduction post - @Tilleyy123 - Sent
14. Twitch panel - @koffem - Sent
15. Youtube description - @Moodsi - Sent

Happy hunting!

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