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Scottish Kid Winning 7000x On DOA2 (Priceless Reaction)


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8 hours ago, Mwright1712 said:

Well he cud smoke on stream so lesser of two evils surely, some ppl wud think the same of drinking on stream, both totally legal so I don't see any problem if the fella wants to vape, his stream. 

As a viewer I find it really horrible.Not a fan of seeing people drink either as it seems to just make them act more irresponsibly.

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On 20/06/2019 at 18:27, Slotspinner said:

on his channel said it was since 2015, so he was like 15 duh

Well he got the money on his PayPal.. so if the site did the usual

due diligence with kid KYC they would catch that instantly.. (unibet)

Plus all the other sites he plays on, he plays on them all legit that i can see. :) 

He looks his age too kinda. I looked like i was like 14-15 when i was 18 xD 

Also it would be pretty stupid to stream that, and to continue to even more so lol

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