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Big win gallery and gambling diary idea


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Just an idea for the website really, each profile have their own 'gallery' where they can show off big wins, and if made public we can scroll through too :) It'd be nice to have them all in a collective you can just click through.

Second idea, more of a 'responsible gambling' idea - a diary, where you can track deposits, websites, loses and cashouts. Maybe the website could calculate overall net profit / losses - which site is best for you ect. 

Be awesome to see the website expand to more than 'news' and 'forum'. Just a lil' idea don't hate on me too much :):)

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11 minutes ago, themagics92 said:

image.thumb.png.39a606cac4a21fa17ac73669083d3efd.pngJust easier to keep track of your deposits your self ^_^

Very organised, I just feel it would add to the site, when I tried myself it didn't really work out - don't even think i'v got Excel now! haha - I'll have to try get ontop of it again. 

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