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after countless thousands and thousands of spins on this game! I'm in for £200 today hit so much on immersive roulette on royal panda £3000 pending withdrawal and decided to play some slots with remaining balance went over to T2 had 200 spins and 3 bonuses on 90p few spins later up the stake to £1.50 then BAM ;D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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@themagics92 brilliant. First up big congratz on the roulette win. Very nice. And im pleased you have set a loss limit. Good man.

On the T2 bonus i think its one of the best bonuses in slots and that being hot mode. The music which is a deep kinda sad music, the mechanical feel to the set up of the bonus and the video clips from the film after a win.

The whole package is class.

Big arnie showed up quite a few times during the bonus and he is money.

Overall magics great post and £884.40 is a belter of a scoop on 1.50 after cashing in 3 k. Enjoy your winnings.???. And no chance of tilt dude. Well done?.

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