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The day before going to the maternity ward to meet my first born i hit this!


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@Wallas super congrats on a beautiful win. Thanks for coming to casinogrounds to share it with us.

One of the pleasures of commenting on players wins is i get to see all kinds of wins.

I no majic mirror deluxe can do crazy things when it goes retrigger mad. Your win is incredible with a total of 80 spins, 7 retriggers.

Thats up thare with the highest i have ever seen. I make it you had every symbol in play in the bonus but not an Ace. Amazing. 8 out of the 9 symbols that can be in play.

Pictures can portray the same as a video of your win and they both tell the same story. I will bet it was a pleasure as well as a lot of fun watching your win play out.

Very nice full screen of the rings in one of your pictures. Playing a 20 sek, 2 euro bet size with a balance of 1050 sek, about 105 euro left when  this win struck.

Total winnings after 80 spins is 60,850 sek, about 6085 euro's. Some win wallas.

Overall enjoy your winnings, thanks for joining casinogrounds to post it up and show us this win.

Lastly i wish you all the best and good luck with your newborn child.???.

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