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Danger Gates of Hell [4452x @ 60p]


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I was spinning at 20p and got two low-paying bonuses within 15 spins of each other... decided to triple my bet size and third time lucky, it popped!

I was happy with over 1000x after 10 spins, then it tacked on another £2,000 after the second retrigger, dropping a skull 96 ways on the final two spins.

Always gates.






Oops, just seen the epic wins forum... my bad ?‍♂️

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@mbinku just beautiful man. What a hit on a 60 p stake. One of the biggest i have ever seen. And you increased the stake from 20 p upto 60 p. What a move,?

2 retriggers and 13 wilds later with the help of skulls dropping a total of £2671. Beautiful mbinku. Best set up i think i have ever seen. What a hit.

Thats danger high voltage and BTG at its best thare.

Great pictures and thanks for posting them up and sharing it with us. Enjoy your winnings???.

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