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Craig smith

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I would just like to put a post up to everbody that uses and interactes in various ways in casinogrounds that the site/forum has reached 7000 members. 

It shows how rapidly the community is growing and the interest people have in using the site. 

Here's hoping the site continues to grow and reach 8000 members. 

I just wanted to point this out and thank everyone for contributing in the various ways they do. 

I myself have health issues and have found an amazing outlet in casinogrounds to comment alot, Have a function in an outlet to interact when+ whare i can, enjoy the time i spend on the site and also seeing users ups and downs. Its fun.

I think alot of users look to the site for outlets, information, posting anything casino related, and all the various topics listed. 

A large community and a large interaction point. I just wanted to point out the the site has hit 7000 members and this is a clear indicator of how popular an outlet it is for users. Thanks. Craig.

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