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Fat Rabbit 800x, Immortal Romance 280x


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Couple wins from yesterday (even though I lost the lot on Reactoonz after)

Fat Rabbit was near the full screen, just needed 1 more carrot and had 1 spin at it, but no carrot. 50p stake for £400.

Immortal Romance on £1.20 stake, two lines of Sarah in the Amber bonus.

Had a Book of Dead £200 win between these 2 slots, but it was on £2 stake so only 100x.





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@slotsofun well done man. Nice pictures. Some nice results.  And credit to you man for posting them up and telling us you lost the lot on reactoonz. Fair play to you bud although i no it must have been frustrating as hell. After this.

That fat rabbit game i can see the wins just keep on being posted up here on the forum on that.  Good bonus on amber and a shame you lost it but as i say you have respect from me at least for telling us you lost the lot. ???. You get the cup for that?.

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