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before showing the win, here is the grind table i got now xd, achievment diary right





this time it took me ~30 bonuses to catch a hotmode, i love it that it landed since i was allmost done with the wager so this is sure as hell nice, i raised the volume in the beginning of the hotmode though so don't get a heartattack when watching my video, ejoy it ;) , normally i wouldn't record this trigger but i had the feeling again and again i got it on this feature haha



pls dont be mad other hunters xD


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@TimSchaeffer asta la vista, baby for the 2 nd time tim. I look forward to number 3. Brilliant man. I love the whole concept of the bonus and especially hot mode. Clips from the film. I think arnie was 42 or 43 when this was made but just a great movie. The bonus serving you well tim. Great man. Super congrats and enjoy. Number 3 coming soon. Sounds like a sequel that. Number 3 coming soon, cinema's near you. ☺. 

Thanks for posting it up tim.???. Hot mode always gets a blue heart or a trophy. Am giving you the trophy.?.

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