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terminator 2 HOTMODE (561x)


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took me a totall of 18 bonuses on this site to catch this hotmode, shoutout to smackdowncasino for obs, wasn't in the mood to edit the video so its the raw vid.

didn't actually expect it to be a hotmode, i recorded it because i said myself ''this is the one'' and indeed hell it was the one didn't expect that.


lowstakes, 0,3 bet on a new casino i tried out, enjoy.



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@TimSchaeffer asta la vista, baby. Beautiful video and a super win tim. One of the most expensive films ever to be made or one of the highest grossing films ever made monetary wise im sure, plus its a cracking film to watch. The soundtrack just listening to it while your bonus was going, it has that feel about it that just grips you. It does to me anyway.. Brilliant all round tim and super congrats man on your win. Had to give hot mode and your post the blue heart. ???.

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